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Contadores de Palabras

FreeBudget 3
Download URL:
Product features:

  •  Professional word/character/line counting/budgeting tool.
  •  Finest word count technology in the industry - with SmartCount function for delimiters.
  • Optional full compatibility with MSWord counting (unique feature).
  •  Count text in Headers, Footers, Annotations, Footnotes, Endnotes, Text Boxes (unique feature).
  • Built-in real-time currency converter (powered by Yahoo Finance).
  • Detailed reporting with several export options.
  •  Utility to compare results by word / character / line budgeting.
  •  Compact, easy to use interface design.
  •  Always up-to-date online help.
  • Absolutely free to use

Word Count y otras herramientas útiles.

Catscradle es gratis
Herramienta TAO y contador de palabras para la traducción de páginas web

Extracción de Términos
freeware program created by Prof. Tim Craven that can be used to analyze files and extract terms before translating them. Download EXTPHR33.EXE. "Extracts every word and every phrase up to ten words in length that occurs at least a minimum number of times in a source text and that does not start or end with a stopword."

Herramientas TAO

Tools Garage
Larga lista de enlaces a las páginas de descarga de casi todas las empresas de software TAO

Comparación de heramientas TAO
Comparación de software TAO (Traducción Asistida por Ordenador): Trados Workbench, Atril DéjaVu y CYPRESOFT TRANS Suite 2000

TRANS Suite 2000
Herramienta de alineamiento gratis

Déja Vu

Herramienta TAO gratis!

Star Transit



Alchemy Catalyst



Venona Translation Toolkit

Microsoft Glossary browser

Medición de Tiempo

Time Stamp or

Create report or graph of time spent with your computer. Keep track on time
spent on each project. Useful for accounting firms and administrators !


Útiles para Ficheros de Ayuda






Decomprimir archivos SIT (Mac)
StuffIt Expander: Programa freeware para MS Windows para decomprimir archivos SIT y otros tipos de archivos comprimidos

Herramientas de Particionar (Freeware) & (German),fid,6170,00.asp

Interfaz gráfica para los diccionarios Duden y Langenscheidt
Free download of upgrade version 3.0 of PC-Bibliothek

Este plug-in funciona solamente con el programa Acrobat Reader 4.xx y no con la versión 5.xx.

Creación de archivos PDF

Spellchecker (Microsoft)
"Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft Office 2000 that refreshes the dictionary of words that are referenced by Office 2000. Included in this update are approximately 13,000 additional words. Some of the terminology that is updated in the Office 2000 Speller Update is related to the following areas: Surnames, street names, and company names Computer and communications technology terms Geographic place names and language names Improved quality of replacement suggestions"

Microsoft Add-in für Office 97 - new/old German Spelling

Windows Error Messages
Freeware MS Windows Error Messages. Explica el significado de los códigos de error del Windows. Download:,texte,listings/17996/

"Search and Replace"
para buscar en muchos tipos de archivos como, p.ej., documentos Word, Trados TMs y todo tipo de archivos de texto


Contadores de Palabras
Extracción de Términos
Herramientas TAO
Medición de Tiempo
Út. Ficheros de Ayuda