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Deportes + Juegos

IT>EN Diving glossary
lang: IT>EN
kwd: "D" ring, buoyancy, harness, chest strap, scuba diving
cmt: downloadable; glossary under construction

lang: DE

EN>EN Radio-Control Modeling Terms
lang: EN>EN
kwd: r/c, rc, tower, hobbies, model, hobby, radio control, radio, control, aviation, pilot, military, airplane, car, truck, boat, heli, cars, trucks, boats, helis, helicopter, helicopters, simulator, mail, order, battlebot, battlebots, robot, robotics, real, flight, pilot, model, warbird, veteran.
cmt: (them) "Here is a list of terms and abbreviations you might see in various R/C articles or hear your R/C friends talking about. Now, you can be just as smart about the hobby as your local R/C experts!"

EN>EN Cricket
lang: EN>EN
kwd: beamer, behind the bowler's arm, cart track, calling, finger spinner, yorker, cricket, sports

EN>EN Mountaineering Glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd:abseiling, aid climbing, bergschrund, carabiners, cwm, direttissima, mountaineering

MULTI Sports glossary portal
lang: EN, FR, JA, MULTI
kwd: sports, multilingual, golfing, baseball
cmt: Various sports glossaries (including golf).

lang: EN>PT
kwd: Golf

EN<>FR Glossary of terms relating to Golf
lang: FR>FR, EN<>FR
kwd: golf, golfing, sports

EN>EN Golf Greenside Glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd: awsome shots, bunker talk, equipment, fairway talk, green talk, golfer's persona, slow play, novice golfers, round, golf personnel, range talk, scores, tee talk, beting, water talk, excuses, celebrities, miscellanous, golfing
cmt: golfers' jargon

DE Golf

FR<>EN bicycle glossary
lang: EN, FR
kwd: bicycle, cycling
src: Sheldon Brown's English/French Bicycle Dictionary

EN>EN Bicycle Glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd:alignment, cadence, cable stop,dish, bike parts, lock nut, bicycle
cmt: links to EN<>FR bicycle dictionaries, NO>EN and IT>EN Mountain Bike Dictionaries, and Mountain Bike Slang Dictionary

EN-ES Diving/Scuba/Snorkeling

EN>EN Dive Physiology and Technical Diving terms
lang: EN>EN
kwd: diving, breathing, dive physiology, counterlung, diluent, mushroom valve, pp02

EN, FR Football
url:  (history, rules, glossary, NFL, Superbowl, teams)  (rules, lexicon)
lang: EN, FR
kwd: American football, Superbowl, NFL, sports, tackling

FR>EN Football terms
lang: FR>EN
kwd: football, dribble, body swerve, deep forward pass, front-on tackle
cmt: It is a lexique of terms for football. I am not sure it relates to americanfootball. Very useful lexique for other sports as well.

FR>EN EN>FR Olympic sports glossaries
lang: EN, FR, JA
kwd: Olympics, games, sports.
cmt: Official lexicon (FR, EN), Sydney 2000 Summer Games (FR, EN), Nagano 1998 Winter Games (FR, EN, JA [JIS font]). Can search by sport or enter a term in internal search engine.

EN>EN  Some sporting glossaries
Sporting Glossaries
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Sport, archery, auto racing, badminton, bobsledding, bowling, canoe, diving, figure skating

EN>EN  Weightlifting
originally posted on trad-prt
lang:  EN>EN
kwd: weightlifting, fitness
cmt: about 30 pages on weightlifting and other terms and techniques related to gym. Simple, interesting and sometimes funny (non-technical) explanations

MULTI  Chess
lang: MULTI, PT, ES, FR, EN, DE
kwd:  chess, games
cmt:  chess in five languages

EN>DE, EN>EN Sports and Soccer
lang: EN>DE
kwd: soccer terminology, English-German, sports
cmt: English-German Sports Glossary, includes soccer
lang: EN>EN
kwd: soccer glossary
cmt: glossary terms taken from the book "Soccer Made
Simple: A Spectator's Guide"

EN>PT Bicycle parts
lang: EN>PT
kwd: bicycle, bike, bicycle parts

PT>PT_pt Bullfighting
lang: PT>PT_pt
kwd: bullfight, bull-fighting, bullfighting, tauromachy, toreador

DE Bicycles

Derecho, Contratos

EN>EN Employment contract
lang: EN>EN
kwd: legal forms, contract law, agreements
cmt: There you can find any kind of contract:
Affidavits Appraisals Arbitration/ Releases & Settlements Bankruptcy Business Agency, Bills of Lading, Contracts Show All Business Topics Consumer Collections, Consumer Credit, Pledges, Show All Consumer Topics Credit Assignments, Debtor and Creditor, Liens, Show All Credit Topics Employment Agreements & Contracts, Compensation & Benefits, Show All Employment Topics Estate Planning Living Wills, Trusts, Wills, Show All Estate Planning Topics Family & Personal Husband and Wife, Joint Tenants, Names, Show All Family & Personal Topics Government Extradition, Judgements, Patents, Show All Government Topics Powers of Attorney Real Estate Building, Deeds, Fences, Show All Real Estate Topics Sales & Leases Lease (Personal Property), Receipts, Sale of Goods & Personal Property

EN>EN Employment contract
lang: EN>EN
kwd: employment contract

EN>EN, UK and US Immigration Glossaries
UK Immigration Glossary
US Immigration Glossary:
lang: EN>EN
kwd: immigration
cmt: Not very extensive but useful

DE>DE German Law
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Recht, Gesetze, Vertrag , German law, legal
cmt: German glossary on legal aspects

CAT<>ES Law dictionaries and more
lang: CAT<>ES
kwd: civil law, criminal law, procedural law, commercial law
src: Universitat de Barcelona
cmt: PDF-files
- Vocabulari de dret civil
- Vocabulari de dret mercantil
- Vocabulari de dret penal
- Vocabulari de dret processal
other ressources on the page:
- Consultes terminològiques puntuals
- Fòrums de discussió terminològica
- Vocabularis i diccionaris
- Webs d'interès terminològic
- Enllaços amb organismes dels quals l’SLC és membre
- CATCUB (Comissió Assessora de Terminologia Científica de la UB)
DE, EN, ES > Gallego
German court terms (EN, FR, ES)

EN>EN US Court Terms
lang: EN>EN
kwd: procedural terms, acquittal, arraignment, complaint, indictment, nolo contendere, legal terms, courts, US legal system
cmt: short and clear definitions

DE>DE Juristic Terms
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Juristic terms, legal terms for the layperson, Amtsermittlungsgrundsatz, Geschaeftsfaehigkeit, Zedent
cmt: interesting, but some terms are missing

FR<>ES Abortion legislation
KWD : abortif/abortivo ; clause de conscience/objeción de conciencia ;délit d'avortement/delito de aborto ; IVG/IVE ; législationanti-abortive/legislación antiaborto ; RU 486/pilula abortiva ; temps deréflexion/plazo de reflexión ; abortion, legistation, women's rights, right to choose, pro-choice
SRC : "La législation de l'interruption volontaire de grossesse ;Français et Espagnol" by Ana-María Busto-Cordo (Termisti Database)
CMT : About 80 terms FR<>ES, with definitions in both languages interesting from a medical and a legal point of view

EN>ES Immigration Court Terminology
lang: EN>ES
kwd: immigration, court, legal, naturalization

FR>IT glossary of legal terms with definitions
lang: FR>IT
kwd: legal, law
src: Juripole - Dictionnaire du Droit Privé français
cmt: Definitions in Italian. Navigate by changing letter in URL 1, or use frames page (URL 2).

EN<>FR Bijural Terminology (Canada)
lang: EN<>FR
kwd: civil law, common law, comparative terminology, Canada, Quebec, legal
src: Government of Canada, Department of Justice
cmt: "Given the innovative character of bijural drafting, bijural terminology records have been published on the Department of Justice Internet website, as a guide to explain the harmonization provisions brought about by the Federal Law-Civil Law Harmonization Act, No. 1. The harmonization provisions also take into account common law in French. Additional terminology records will be published as further harmonisation changes are made. Harmonization changes made in tax legislation are also included on the Internet website."

FR<>EN  Police Legal Criminal Vocabulary
lang:   FR<>EN
kwd:    police legal crime criminal court slang law enforcement
cmt:    The page is divided into four sections:
- Words concerned with Court/Legal/Police Procedure (French-English)
- Some phrases related to Court/Legal/Police Procedure (French-English)
- Slang vocabulary describing the police in French
- Slang vocabulary describing the police in English

EN>EN Legal glossary of the Missouri (USA) Bar Assn.
lang: EN>EN
kwd: law, legal, court
cmt: as the website itself says:
"Glossary...from the News Reporter's Handbook on Law and the Courts by The Missouri Press-Bar Commission
This glossary includes terms used in this volume, plus other frequently used legal terms. It also serves as an index by means of the cross-referencing of terms to specific sections in this volume."

EN  USA Legal System
lang:   EN>EN
kwd:    law legal judiciary court
cmt:    Lots of information about the American legal system. The second URL leads to a particularly comprehensive and useful glossary of "legalese" definitions.

EN>EN Legal Terms (Duhaime)
lang: EN>EN
kwd: law, legal
cmt: "Researched, written in plain language and provided free of charge by lawyer Lloyd Duhaime.

EN<>ES Extradiction
KWD: extradition legal
SRC: National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT)
CMT: About 50 terms.

EN>EN Immigration Glossary (US INS)
lang: EN>EN
kwd: legal, immigration law
cmt: Legal terminology of U.S. immigration law, straight from the horse's

EN<>PT  Legal terms related to information technology
KWD:    IT information technology computeres computing security law legal
CMT:    Information technology legal concepts translated (EN<>PT glossary)
and explained (PT>PT dictionary).

PT>PT Consumer Protection Lawsuits
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: claims, legal, consumer protection, decision, appelate court, lawsuit


European law terms DE>EN

Law EN

Notar EN

Testamente Wills EN

Gesetzgebung (EU)
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