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Linguistik, Sprache, Übersetzen, Style Guides

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IT<>EN False Friends
lang: IT<>EN
kwd: false friends, tranelli, similar words, different meanings
src: Infotrad
cmt: Nice site!

PT>PT_br Portuguese Rhyming Dictionary
kwd: rhymes, verbs, palindromes,
cmt: useful for poetry translators and other translators as well

EN>EN Sign Languages

lang: EN>EN
kwd: sign language, hearing impaired, baby sign language, international sign language, animal sign language
cmt: Neat!

Translation DE <> EN
cmt: Die Einträge in diesem Glossar wurden in Anlehnung an zwei Online-Wörterbücher zusammengestellt: Das A bis Z des Übersetzens - Fachbegriffe aus dem Bereich Übersetzen und Dolmetschen ( und Schlüsselwörter aus dem Übersetzerberuf im Computerzeitalter (

"International English"

DE <>EN Übersetzen

Besserwisser behauptet:
Werden Sie auch oft von Mitmenschen mit Ausdrücken bombardiert, von denen Sie genau wissen, dass der Benutzer sie nicht begreift?
Hier kommt Ihre Chance: Fachbegriffe für Besserwisser.
Fachbegriffe sind's meiner Meinung nach eher nicht und es ist auch völlig unstrukturiert, aber amüsant und interessant ists schon ...


EN>EN  The Natural Language Processing dictionary
lang:    EN>EN
kwd:     natural language processing NLP grammar
cmt:     Natural language processing - comprehensive and detailed on technical terms in this field, thus very rich in grammatical definitions.

EN>PT_br Phrasal Verbs
lang: EN>PT_br
kwd: phrasal verbs, allow for, fall out with
src: Cultura Inglesa
cmt: Login required at the site. 140 phrasal verbs with contextualized translations into Portuguese. Explanations and quizzes. More interesting stuff on the site.

MULTI>EN Foreign Words and Phrases
lang: MULTI>EN
kwd: quid pro co, caveat emptor, verboten, Zeitgeist, mot juste, hoi polloi, nota bene, mano a mano...
cmt: A few foreign 'expressions' commonly used in the English language. More interesting information on the site.

EN>PT Anglicisms in Portuguese
lang: PT>PT_pt
kwd: anglicisms; English words used (or misused) in European Portuguese
src: Instituto Superior Politécnico de Viseu, Portugal (Polytechnic Institute of Viseu)
cmt: You can click on the word "Anglicismos" to browse the glossary or use the search box.

EN>EN Ethnologue's List of World Languages
lang: EN>EN
kwd: linguistics, rare languages
cmt: Compilation of languages spoken worldwide, arranged by country.
Contains a list of all the spoken languages in Brazil, including the languages spoken by some indigenous tribes as well as information about them. I have just joined the list and am posting something which is not quite a glossary, but I  hope will be useful.

MULTI Glossary of Grammatical Terms
lang: FR, DE, IT, ES, EN
kwd: active voice, predicative, preposition, subjunctive, tenses, verbs, grammar
cmt: Single-page table. Can't really tell how good it is, I know that this is a highly specialized area and suspect that the sages argue a lot about the name of these elements.

FR>FR Francophone cultural identity dictionary
lang: FR>FR
kwd: Dictionnaire des identités culturelles de la francophonie
src: Maison de la Francité, Brussels, Belgium
La francophonie, du local à l'international
Pour comprendre le système local des identités concurrentes, le citoyen du monde francophone bénéficie d'un atout enviable : la comparaison directe avec d'autres systèmes que rend possible sans médiation le partage de la langue française. Bien plus, cette langue commune favorise des liens culturels qui, plus ou moins profonds selon les cas, tissent entre les pays de la Francophonie sinon une communauté sociologique, du moins une communauté intellectuelle autorisant la migration des appellations identitaires (et de leur contenu d'origine dans une certaine mesure seulement). Le Québec a ainsi largement informé l'actuelle problématique du "multiculturalisme" dans les pays francophones d'Europe.

cmt: Only too proud that my native Québec is mentioned by Belgians as a 'catalyst' for such multicultural issues. Highly informative.

DE>DE Dictionary for Poets and Songwriters
lang: DE>DE
kwd: literary, literature, poetry, songs, German
cmt: recently the new project Reimlexikon went to the start. It is a huge German spezial purpose dictionary for Poets, Songwriters etc.

EN, ES Glossary of Linguistic Terms
lang: EN>ES
kwd: linguistics, phonetics, grammatical, Spanish

ES>ES, EN>EN Sign Language
lang: EN>EN (ASL)
kwd: sign language, dictionaries, ASL
cmt: American Sign Language browser
lang: EN>EN (ASL)
kwd: sign language, dictionaries, ASL
cmt:Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms
lang: EN>EN (ASL)

kwd: sign language, dictionaries, ASL Animated American Sign Language Dictionary

lang: ES>ES (signed)
kwd: Spanish, sign language, dictionaries
cmt: Spanish Sign Language Alphabet

ES>ES Style Manual for Spanish
lang: ES>ES
kwd: style manual, Spanish
cmt: Visit the page above or send an e-mail message to

Style Manual for Spanish
click on Español Urgente on the right-hand side, which is a link to a sort of style manual full of frequent doubts also check out the following for notes on style
and for grammar

ES>ES Style Manual for Spanish
Something similar in:
lang: ES>ES
kwd: style manual, difficulties, Spanish

PT>PT Style Manual
lang: PT>PT_pt
kwd: grammar rules, verbs, Army and Police hierarchy, style manual
cmt: Guys, this not a glossary but it is a fantastic tool for those who work with Portuguese. This is an online version of a guide similar to the "Manual de Redacao e Estilo" do estado de S.Paulo. For sure it can help you a lot if you go for the Army hierarchy. (That was my case). If the link  does not work, just cut it and paste.

EN>EN US Government Printing Office Style Manual
lang: EN>EN
kwd: style, manual, guide, government

EN>EN  The Economist Style Guide
lang    EN>EN
kwd:     style guide, The Economist
cmt:     A new, revised version of The Economist's best-selling style guide is now online. It gives general advice on writing, points out common errors and clichés, and offers guidance on consistent use of punctuation, abbreviations and capital letters. It's also rather amusing-and an invaluable companion for everyone who wants to communicate with the clarity, style and precision for which The Economist is renowned. However, someone already noticed that in the one full sentence that appears on the main frame on this page, they break their own rule (which informs, that defines)!

EN>EN Difficult words
lang: EN>EN
kwd: difficulties, difficult words, English, odd words
cmt: Spelling and meaning of many difficult or odd words


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lang: DE >EN, FR

EN, PT>PT Logistics
lang: PT>PT_br, EN>PT
kwd: logistics, cross-docking, inbound logistics, supply chain management, process management, flow rack, push pack, kanban, JIT
src: Associação Brasileira de Logística
cmt: Technical. Terms that you don't usually find in other logistics glossaries. Single page, so save it to disk before it vanishes.

Lokalisierung, Software

siehe auch Computer

Lokalisierung und Internationalisierung
Glossar (EN) (Glossar)
Loc & Int. Glossar

MULTI Microsoft user interface words
lang: MULTI
kwd: user interface, computer programs, applications, GUI
src: Microsoft
cmt: This appendix contains translations of the English word list. The intent of this list is to provide, for each of the following languages, a comprehensive set of words and phrases that either appear in the Microsoft Windows user interface or are used in describing key concepts of the operating system to users.

allgemeine Glossarsammlung
sowie auf ein rein englisches Mac-Glossar

Microsoft-Terminologie (Glossary browser)

EN>MULTI Microsoft Glossaries
lang: EN>MULTI
kwd: ftp microsoft glossaries download localization
cmt: .exe ziped files, download and unzip, glossaries of programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, very very very good

Hier die aktuellen URLs der Glossare von Apple, Microsoft und Novell für die deutsche Sprache:

Apple (ca. 32 KB):
Tab-getrennte Datenbankdateien, allerdings in einem .sit-Archiv (ähnlichwie .zip). Entpacker hier: (rein englisches Mac-Glossar)
Microsoft (ca. 14 MB!):
Kommagetrennt (.csv-Dateien, z. B. für Excel oder Access)
Novell (56 KB):
Tab-getrennt (.gls-Datei, kann man in .csv umbenennen und z. B. mit Excel oder Access aufmachen)

Linguistik, Sprache, Übersetzen, Style Guides
Lokalisierung, Software