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DE Paper Lexicon / Glossary:
Classification: Karton, Pappe, Terms:

MULTI packaging
A glossary that cross-references packaging industry terms in six languages (English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Swedish) is available.

EN corrugated
A corrugated glossary also exists to help clarify words specific to the packaging industry.

DE <> EN Paper Lexicon


EN, FR, DE, IT, ES Patent classification (IPC)
url: http://www.dagostini.it/patclass/patclass
lang: EN, FR,DE,IT, ES - should all be able to be cross-referenced
kwd: huge number of technical fields, patent classifications, patents
src: D'Agostini - active in the patent businesscorrugated cardboard cmt: Contains what is presumably the entire WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) IPC classification in 5 languages, therefore covering a huge variety of technical subject matter - chemistry, physics, engineering, construction, etc. etc., although you may have to dig deep to find it.  Note that there are a number of typos on the entry page, which does not inspire total confidence in the accuracy of the rest of the site.

DE>DE, EN>EN Legal Glossary, Trademarks
url: http://transpatent.com/
lang: EN>EN, DE>DE
kwd: patents, trademarks, legal
cmt: If it were French, I'd suggest that you visit the WIPO/OHIM sites mentioned in the DPMA link and cross-reference the French and English pages, but I'm not sure how many of them will be in German - certainly it's not an official language for WIPO.  You might have more luck with OHIM, or the DPMA site, which I'd hope has English pages by now.


see Nature


see also Medicine

Pharma-Lexicon.com - Medical & Pharmaceutical Abbreviations and Acronyms, Drug

EN>EN Mental Health Drugs Glossary
url: http://www.mentalhealth.com/p.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: mental health, pharmacology, grugs
cmt: this a Canada site

EN,PT,ES Pharmacy
url: http://www.dprx.com/
lang:  EN,PT,ES
kwd: Pharmacy. pharmaceuticals, drugs, prescription, Rx
cmt: The glossary is part of DpRx.com, an international Internet services company that presently serves pharmacy benefit clients in the USA and South America. Select the language on the top left-hand corner, then once there, click on the "glossary of terms".

ES>ES Pharmaceutical Industry
url: http://www.dprx.com/espanol/glossary_of_terms_esp.htm
lang: ES>ES
kwd: pharmaceutical, drugs, medicines

ES>ES Pharmaceutical Industry
lang: ES>ES

EN>EN Pharmaceutics
url: http://www.pharmtech.com/glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: absorption, metabolism, FDA

EN>EN Pharmacology
url: http://www.pharmaportal.com/glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: portal for pharmacology issues

http://mtdesk.com/alpha.shtml  new drugs, equipment
http://www.themedicinescompany.com/products_content/glossary.htm  - medicines


Lexicon of philosophers  D-D
Lexicon of philosophy  D-D
both pages contain more links
this is:
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy Pages Philosophy Jobs in Europe
Deutscher Philosophieknoten (German)

Photography, Image Processing

DE>DE Digital imaging
URL: http://www.image-scene.de/
lang: DE>DE
kwd: digital imaging portal, Imaging News, Profi Infos, Mobile Imaging, Internet Imaging,

EN>EN Glossary of Photographic Terms
url: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/glossary/terms_a.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: photography

ES>ES Digital cameras glossary
url: http://www.quesabesde.com/camdig/glosario.asp
lang: ES>ES
kwd: digital cameras, aperture, AVI, metering, digital photography
cmt: Seems to be comprehensive.

EN>EN Digital cameras glossary
url: http://www.shortcourses.com/choosing/glossary/19.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: digital photography, cameras, Flash card reader, refresh rate

EN>EN / EN, DE, IT Photography dictionaries
url: http://www.shewmakerscamera.com/digital/digital-dictionary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: photography, photographic, camera, viewfinder, lens, zoom
src: Shewmaker's camera shop
url: http://home.arcor.de/Objektive/Phictionary.html
lang: EN, DE, IT
kwd: photography, photographic, camera, viewfinder, lens, zoom
cmt: phictionary; a dictionary of photographic terms

EN>EN Imaging terms
url: http://www.normicro.com/glossary.htm#sectB
lang: EN>EN
kwd: bit map, jaggies, overlay, packed bits, median filtering, convolution

Digital Photography from A to Z
url: http://saycheese.com/tips&tricks/glossary/glossary.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: digital photography
cmt: Digital Photography from A to Z EN>EN
Digital Photography for Beginners - Digital cameras are now so easy to use that even the technologically challenged can take attractive photos. Visit SayCheese if you need a few hints. The site has tips, tricks, and tutorials to help make you a better digital photographer. If you've yet to go digital, they can also help you pick the best camera. SayCheese

Physics, Natural Sciences

see also Chemistry

EN > EN Physical Sciences Gateway
url: http://www.psigate.ac.uk/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: physics, chemistry, materials, astronomy, earth sciences, history and policy
cmt: According to the site, "PSIgate aims to provide access to high quality Internet-based resources in the physical sciences: astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, science history and policy, and aspects of the material sciences."  Not a terminology site as such, but it looked so potentially useful that I had to include it.  It appears to have links to a number of sites covering the basics of various methods, processes, phenomena etc.

EN>EN Ozone Related Terms
url: http://daac.gsfc.nasa.gov/CAMPAIGN_DOCS/ATM_CHEM/Ozone_Glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: ozone, atmosphere, atmospheric, earth science, natural, gas
src: NASA, Glossary of Ozone Related Terms

Glossary of nuclear terms
URL: http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf51.htm
kwd     uranium nuclear energy radioactivity
cmt:    English browsable glossary of nuclear terms from the Uranium Institute

EN>EN New References from Wiley InterScience
url: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/reference.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: science, chemical, industrial, toxicology, protocols, chemistry, cell biology
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry
Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
e-EROS — Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis
Patty's Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology
RIMS — Remediation Information Management System
Current Protocols in Food Analytical Chemistry
Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
Current Protocols in Cell Biology
Current Protocols in Cytometry
Current Protocols in Human Genetics
Current Protocols in Immunology
Current Protocols in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Current Protocols in Molecular Biology
Current Protocols in Neuroscience
Current Protocols in Pharmacology
Current Protocols in Protein Science
Current Protocols in Toxicology

EN>EN Nuclear Physics
url: http://library.thinkquest.org/3471/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: alpha particle, atomic, background radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, ionizing radiation, rem, transuranic, x-ray, nuclear physics

EN>EN Scientific Glossary
lang: English
kwd: science, scientific terms
src:  The ScientificWorld.com
cmt: Comprehensive database of definitions related to science

EN>EN The BioSpace Glossary Defining The Words That Define Biotechnology
url:  http://www.biospace.com/gls_index.cfm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: biotechnology, chemokines, maintenance therapy, biotech
cmt: search by word, alphabetical, basic terms with detailed definitions; when you search alphabetically, not all words are displayed, there is a small bar at the end of the text for displaying the next pages

Place Names, Countries

All languages in all languages

Place Names
Dpa style guide to equivalents of place names
"Das Verzeichnis der Staatennamen für den amtlichen Gebrauch in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland wird nachstehend in der z.Zt. geltenden Fassung bekanntgegeben."

DE>DE List of state names, abbr., adjectives, inhabitants
url: http://www.ifag.de/kartographie/Stagn/Staatennamen.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: List of state names, their abbreviations, relating adjectives anddesignation of their inhabitants.
cmt: Links to maps of Europe and the world.src: StAGN (Ständiger Ausschuss für geographische Namen = Permanent committee for geographic names)

EN<>AR, ES, FR, RU, ZH Place Names and Geographical Names
http://encarta.msn.com/maps/MapView.asp for English versions

MULTI Place Name Servers on the Internet
url: http://www.asu.edu/lib/hayden/govdocs/maps/geogname.htm
lang: MULTI
kwd: place, name, geographic

MULTI World toponyms, currency, capitals in 11 languages
url: http://europa.eu.int/comm/translation/currencies/estable1.htm
lang: ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT, FI, SV
kwd: World toponyms,
currency, factbook
Source: European Commision
cmt: Comprehensive

Politics, State

FR<>EN Onterm - Ontario government's bilingual terminology
url: http://www.onterm.gov.on.ca/searchtempl.asp
lang: FR<>EN
kwd: law legal financial business, food, agriculture, energy, health and MANY MANY more
src: Ontario government
cmt: The Ontario government's bilingual terminology website, developed and maintained by the Government Translation Service, ONTERM contains over 16,000 entries in two databases, official government names and generic names, which can be searched simultaneously.

Election Terms
url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/portuguese/noticias/2001/010503_ukelectionsglossario.shtml
lang: EN>PT
kwd: absentee ballot, bare majority, canvassing, floating voter, landslide, swing, electoral terms, UK elections
src: BBC
cmt: Words most used at election time. Brief explanation of terms included.
More interesting content on the site (BBC Brasil).

If you replace the letter g after TERMI by e, f or s ersetzt, you can sort it by the other languages.

All institutions of the German government and the German länder
De - En

Middle East Lexicon.
lang: DE

dictionary URLs of the Swiss Federal Chancellery
Official designations of Swiss institutions, associations and groups, in each language + acronym

MULTI Governments on the WWW
url: http://www.gksoft.com/govt/
lang: MULTI
kwd: government, politics, institutions, law courts, political parties
cmt: Governments on the WWW
Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web: parliaments, ministries, offices, law courts, embassies, city councils, public broadcasting corporations, central banks, multi-governmental institutions etc. Includes also political parties. Online since June 1995. Contains more than 17000 entries from more than 220 countries and territories as of December 2000. Frequently updated. 

MULTI (Swiss) Federal Assembly
url: http://www.parlament.ch/poly/Framesets/E/Frame-E.htm
lang: English, French, German, Italian, Rumantsch
kwd: Multilingual official Federal Assembly Site. Constitution, Laws (Collection of Federal, Cantonal and foreign laws), Federal Authorities of Swiss Conferation, Official Abbreviations of fractions, commissions, cantons, Index, Links.
cmt: It's possible to toggle between 3-4 languages.

DE>EN various
I've just uploaded my own website, which includes a few German-English glossaries:
- German public institutions
- German laws and legal terms
- Terms associated with Berlin
- History of the GDR
- Christianity

European Union
lang: multilingual
kwd: European Union, institutions, policies, enlargement, parallel texts
cmt: Not a dictionary, but parallel texts. Proceed as follows:
1) Using the query box, search for a document containing a certain word.
2) Locate the word on the source language page (CTRL-F / Edit-Find).
3) Open another browser window.
4) Click on the target language icon to find the parallel text in the desired language.
5) Go to the same location on the target language page (by searching for key numbers or going by the titles etc.). Compare the texts and locate the equivalent expression!
lang: MULTI
kwd: euro terminology, european single currency, common currency, monetary policy, European Union, European integration, European Commission
src: Translation Service of the European Commission, Terminology  Unit, Language Help Desk
cmt: overview of the terminology of the euro (European single currency) in the 11 EU languages: DA/DE/EL/EN/ES/FI/FR/IT/NL/PT/SV, 400+ terms. Also included in term bank Eurodicautom:  http://europa.eu.int/eurodicautom
lang: EN>EN, MULTI (click on bar at left)
kwd: EU Institutions, EU policies, EU enlargement, European Union Glossary, EU Glossary, SCADplus Glossary, European Unions
cmt: "Excellent official EU glossary with lengthy explanations of terms.
Available in 11 languages of the Union. 200 concepts for a better understanding of the challenges facing the European Union: enlargement, Economic and Monetary Union, internal and external security."
lang: EN>EN_uk
kwd: style guide, writing, usage, grammar, tips, capitalization, hyphenation, numerals
src: European Commision Translation Service
cmt: Download the pdf or browse/search online. "This Guide has been produced by, but not just for, the English units of the Commission's Translation Service. We hope you'll find the Guide useful and even interesting! For changes since the last edition, see What's New."
lang: EN>EN
kwd: European Union, monetary union, politics, foreign policy, EU
src: Rodney Leach is a financial strategist with Jardine Matheson, an adviser to the Republic National Bank of New York Group, a Member of the British Library Board and Chairman of the Portland Club, the ultimate arbiter of the world's rubber bridge game.

cmt: DISCLAIMER: [ME] I'm not sure a reference work should be written with wry wit, so watch your step. Some entries struck me as politically-biased."An alphabetical cross-referenced guide to the people and institutions of the European Union, written with wry wit and elegance. The perfect referencebook on a subject of enduring interest and constant topicality. Includes:

Appendix 1: Chronology of the EU
Appendix 2: Lomé Convention signatories
Appendix 3: Composition of the European Parliament, January 1998
Appendix 4: Qualified majority voting
Appendix 5: European Currency Unit
Appendix 6: Directorates-General
Appendix 7: Selected statistics
Appendix 8: Selected information"
lang: MULTI (All the European Union languages)
kwd: international organizations, acronyms, European Union
cmt: "Definitions of abbreviations and acronyms as well as their usage appear in Section 10.8. Terms followed by an asterisk cannot be changed and may not follow the house rule. The list is not exhaustive, refer also to: Eurodicautom (Commission database); Council of the European Union - Multilingual glossary of abbreviations; the Commission's Dictionary of acronyms for European Community programmes and  action plans;EUR 17004 - European Union R & D acronyms; European Union database directory. "


see also Law

EN>EN Police and military ranking
Not a glossary, but a web page by the London Met Police explaning ranks:
And with the badges:
Cmt: a very complete web site, with lots of info about British Police, their work, their role in the society, etc

url: http://www.hodrw.com/cop1.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: slang, police jargon, cops, law enforcement

EN>EN_us Police radio codes and signals
URL : http://www.bearcat1.com/radio.htm
KWD : 10-4 : message received ; 10-10 : fight in progress ; 10-23 :arrived at scene ; 10-32 : person with gun, law enforcement, police
CMT : provides the police radio codes for each state, even each county.The links to the foreign pages are broken.

EN>EN Police Jargon glossary
url: http://www.ci.chi.il.us/CommunityPolicing/Glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: police jargon, law enforcement
src: Chicago Police Department

EN>EN Police Jargon glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd: slang, police jargon, cops, law enforcement

DE<>PT Brazilian Police vocabulary / jargon
lang: DE<>PT
kwd: police, law enforcement
cmt: Useful information, altough it seems to have been translated by a German priest (smile): "Zur besseren Bedienung der Bevölkerung und in Ansehung der Notwendigkeit," Argh!

Press, News

EN>EN Media terms
url: http://www.rmsmedia.co.za/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: journalism media advertising propaganda

EN >EN The words we find in the press
lang:   EN
kwd: journalism, ground zero, expressions, press
cmt:    Very interesting. A series of articles in the Financial Times on the new words and expressions which recently appeared in the press, like Burqa, Ground Zero, etc. The site also has a forum for discussing vocabulary "loves and hates".

ES>MULTI Argentinean Items in the News
URL: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/02/02/11/dp_373202.asp
lang: ES> MULTI
kwd: cacerolazo, corralito, argentina crisis, pot-banging, banking curbs
cmt: New words in the world news.

EN>EN E-cyclopedia: the words behind the headlines in 2001
url: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/newsid_1717000/1717136.stm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: journalism, 2001, september 11, news, phrases, box cutter, UK
politics, gastroporn, trends, victoriana, weblogs
src: BBC News

cmt: Many of the defining moments of 2001 spawned their own words and phrases. At year's end, we take stock of these additions to the news lexicon.

EN>EN Terrorism and Afghanistan glossaries
url: http://www.yourdictionary.com/library/ydglos.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: September 11, terrorism, journalism, Afghanistan, current events, terrorist organizations
cmt: Developed by the linguists at Yourdictionary.com
Glossary of Current Events
Glossary of Biochemterrorism
Geography of Terrorism
Glossary of Terrorist Organizations
Glossary of Afghanistan
Chronology of Afghanistan
Glossary of Allied Weaponry

EN>EN Buzzword De-mystifier
url: http://www.buzzwhack.com/buzzcomp/dict.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: buzzwords, slang, neologisms, agreeance
alpha pup
data cholesterol
data shadow
Day 2 project
deep dive EOB/COB
gathering string
going forward
in silico
moonshine shop PDFing
cmt: Interesting and funny. They also have a buzzword of the day newslettter..


Printing - Druckindustrie
lang: DE

DE>DE Printing glossary
url: http://www.gelberg.de/lexikon.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: printing
cmt: lots of definitions around printing

EN>EN Typesetting and Printing Glossary
Typesetting and Printing Glossary
url  http://www.sos.com.au/files/glosray.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Printing, typesetting, fonts, letters, artwork

DE<>EN Typography, printing, bookbinding, computer
url: http://www.colorfool.de/mediengestalter/glossar/glossar.php4
lang: DE<>EN
kwd: typography, typographical, printing, printers, bookbinding, book binding
src: Colorfool
cmt: Definitions in German

DE Printing
lang: DE
cmt: Fachausdrücke aus der Printwelt

DE Printing
lang: DE
scr: publish.de - Portal für Vorstufe, Cross-Media-Publishing, Druck und Weiterverarbeitung Typografie und Layout DE

Printglossar DE

Medien, druck, Farben DE


MULTI Common Procurement Vocabulary
url: http://simap.eu.int/EN/pub/src/cpv98.htm
lang: es, da, de, el, en, fr, it, nl, pt, fi, sv         
kwd: Common Procurement Vocabulary - almost any product or service that can be bought or sold
cmt: separate html page or Excel file for each language; unreliable connection.

American trademarks and consumer products
Wer sich intensiv mit der amerikanischen Kultur beschäftigt, kann besonders bei Talkshows beobachten, daß ständig Namen von bekannten Produkten des US-Alltags auftauchen, mit denen der deutsche Zuschauer praktisch nichts anfangen kann. Markennamen wie "Weed Whacker", "The Club", "Slurpee", "Baked Lay´s", "Duct Tape", "Nerf Ball" oder auch Kurioses wie "Roto-Rooter" oder "SlimJim" können hierbei mir nichts, dir nichts in jedem zwanglosen Gespräch unter Amerikanern auftauchen. Traditionelle Wörtebücher helfen hier - außer bei einigen wenigen gebräuchlichen Markennamen - gewöhnlich nicht weiter. Dieses Glossar soll Übersetzern, Dolmetschern oder einfach jedem, der mit der amerikanischen Kultur zu tun hat, helfen, diese Wissenslücke zu schließen.

MULTI Goods and services
url: http://oami.eu.int/EN/marque/euronice.htm
lang: MULTI (EU languages)
kwd: goods and services covered by trade marks
src:  "The OHIM recently launched its EURONICE project, a data base for the storage and reuse of translations of the expressions which are most frequently used by Community trade mark applicants to describe the goods and services covered by their marks"
cmt: separate downloadable html and pdf files for each language

EN>EN General Department Store Products
url: http://www.macys.com/service/glossary/index.jsp?index=a
lang: EN>EN
kwd: apparel, cosmetic, fragracies, homegoods, footwear, types of fabrics, etc.
src: Macys, USA

Proverbs, Idioms, Sayings

see also Quotations

MULTI, FR>FR, EN>EN Proverbs
kwd: proverbs, sayings, quotations, proverbs with explanations
cmt: Tons of proverbs.

FR>MULTI  Proverbs
KWD:    proverbs proverbes sayings
CMT:    French proverbs into several languages  (FR, EN, Turkish etc.)

EN>EN Idioms
url: http://home.t-online.de/home/toni.goeller/idiom_wm/index.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: idioms, English, expressions

EN>EN English idioms
url: http://www.goenglish.com/Index.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: English idioms, idiom dictionary
cmt: From "Who let the cat out of the bag?" to "Cry wolf," the site offers
explanations (with examples) of dozens of idioms.


PT>PT_br Popular Brazilian Sayings
url: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/2800/
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: Popular Brazilian sayings, proverbs, idioms
cmt: A well-prepared listing of popular sayings presented alphabetically. Does not contain any explanations, but can be a good jolt to the memory when trying to come up with good translations of idiomatic expressions from whatever language into Portuguese.

Proverbs, country sayings
lang: DE, some in FR and EN


see also Medicine

EN>EN Psychology/Social Psychology glossary
URL: http://www.richmond.edu/~allison/glossary.html
KWD: social psychology, psychology
CMT: A Social Psychology Glossary
URL: http://members.aol.com/svennord/ed/GiftedGlossary.htm
KWD: psychology, social psychology
CMT: A Glossary of Gifted Education. Giftedness and education from the perspective of sociologic social

EN>EN Phobia list
url: http://www.phobialist.com/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: phobia, names, categories, treatment, psychiatry, psychology
cmt: indexed phobia list

EN>EN Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Glossary
url: http://www.pcisys.net/~thebear/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, medicine, psychiatry
src: PTSD Support Services

cmt: I found this brief but interesting PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Glossary at the following page:

EN>EN, PT>PT Psychology & psychiatry
lang: EN>EN
kwd: psychology, psychiatry
url: http://www.peacelink.it/zumbi/org/cedeca/gloss/gl-psic.html
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: psychology

DE>DE Psychology, Medicine, Therapies
url: http://www.urbanfischer.de/pflege/pflegeheuteforum
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Bücher, Urban & Fischer: Pflege Heute Forum 2001, Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch; Lexikon Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie; Medizinische Psychologie, psychiatry, psychology

Photography, Image Processing
Physics, Natural Sciences
Place Names, Countries
Politics, State
Press, News
Proverbs, Idioms, Sayings