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to the pages of Irina Spitznagel!

The World Wide Web with almost a billion of pages offers the translators a lot of valuable and constantly available resources, e.g. online dictionaries, specialized glossaries, parellel texts in the target language and other important sources.

But this huge amount of potentially usefull information is often too much, many times you keep searching hours and hours for the adequate term - after all, a conscientious use of terminology is necessary to make high-quality translations.

Because of its high number of indexed pages and the possibility of multilingual searches, the search engine Google is a very valuable tool, but still sometimes you get inundated with hits.

To facilitate time-saving and targetted research, I've gathered a lot of commented links to online resources that are relevant to translators, up to now, there are more than 2,000 links.

Most of them I did not "discover" myself. It is thanks to the eager colleagues who participate in the mailing lists I' m subscibed to (Glosspost, Partnertrans and U-Forum) that I can list the links here. If available, I also use their description of the pages, therefore the descriptions are mostly in English but sometimes in other languages.

At this point I want to thank all of them for their important work which made the existence of this page possible!

Irina Spitznagel

Updated on 08.12.2002