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see Proverbs


see also Social Security

lang: DE

http://www.insurancetranslation.com/Glossary_Agent/index.htm  (with many links)

EN>EN Insurance glossary
url: http://www.income.com.sg/insurance/terminology.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: life insurance, general insurance
cmt: small glossary (about 100 terms), site of NTUC Income, a co-operative insurance society formed in 1970 in Signapore 

DE>DE Financial planification, insurance
url: http://www.advance-finanzplanung.de/glos/gloss_f.html
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Diebstahl, Rechtschutz, Rentenversicherung usw, financial planning, insurance

DE>DE Insurance glossary
url: http://www.expertisa.ch/ex-index/ex-Glossar-B.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Insurance
scr: Credit Swiss Group Winterthur Insurance, Switzerland
cmt: precise descriptions of not too many terms

DE>DE Life insurance - Switzerland
url: http://www.swissfocus.ch/index/lexikon/glossar-menu/glossar-abc.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: life insurance, Switzerland
src: Swissfocus (ABC der Lebensversicherung)

DE>DE Insurance glossary
URL: http://www.deutscherring.de/
lang: DE>DE
kwd: insurance

url: http://members.aol.com/translatrs/dictionaries/ins-enpo.htm
lang: EN>PT
kwd: Insurance

MULTI Insurance glossaries & resources
 DE>DE http://www.amv.de/internet/amven/amven_inter.nsf/docs/lexika_lexika
 DE>FR http://tradition.axone.ch/
 EN>DE http://www.finanz-adressen.de/
 EN>EN http://home.ncia.com/~slarsson/sitejour.html
 EN>EN http://home8.inet.tele.dk/p-spitz/Bookmarks/Bookmarks3.html#Insurance
 EN>EN http://hotwired.lycos.com/special/ene/
 EN>EN http://mc2consulting.com/riesgo.htm
EN>EN http://personalfinance.firstunion.com/pf/cda/ps/product_type/0,,122,00.html
 EN>EN http://www.e-analytics.com/glossdir.htm
 EN>EN http://www.findalink.net/reinsurance/
 EN>EN http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/fingloss.htm
 EN>EN http://www.imms.com/glossary/adeargloss.htm
 EN>EN http://www.insurance.com/default.asp
 EN>EN http://www.insure.com/glossary.cfm
 EN>EN http://www.insurexchange.com/glossary/insurance.htm
 EN>EN http://www.insurnet.com.hk/glossary/le.html#a
 EN>EN http://www.moneyworld.co.uk/glossary/index.html
 EN>EN http://www.natsure.co.za/forms_policy_application.asp
 EN>EN http://www.re-eval.co.uk/glossary.htm
 EN>EN http://www.ucalgary.ca/mg/inrm/glossary/index.htm
 EN>ES http://members.aol.com/translatrs/dictionaries/ins-ensp.html
 EN>FR http://www.actuaries.ca/publications/lexicon/default.htm
 EN>FR http://www.aon.ca/english/ars/insterms/index.htm
 FR>FR http://globegate.utm.edu/french/globegate_mirror/dicoeco.html
  FR>FR http://www.winterthur-insurance.ch/home/bus/bus_evag_glossar.htm
DE>DE http://www.winterthur-insurance.ch/fr/home/bus/bus_evag_glossar.htm
 IT>IT http://www.6sicuro.com/aree/glossario.htm
 MULTI http://www.abnamro.nl/banktermen/
 PT>PT http://www.uniaonovohamburgo.com.br/dicionario_seguros.htm
 PT>PT http://www.winterthur.pt/cliente/dic/index.htm

DE>DE Pension fund glossary, BfA
url: http://www.bfa-berlin.de/ (look under "Nachschlagewerke"/Rentenlexikon)
Direct access: http://www.bfa-berlin.de/ger/ger_nachschlagewerke.6/ger_lexikon.60/ger_60_vorwort.html
lang: DE>DE
kwd: pension fund
scr: Bundesversicherungsanstalt für Angestellte (BfA) (Germany)
cmt: full list of standard persion fund terminology

EN>ES Insurance glossary
url: http://members.aol.com/translatrs/dictionaries/ins-ensp.html
lang: EN>ES
kwd: insurance, benefits, initial life premium, spouse rider,  surrender value

EN>EN Insurance
URL: http://www.iisa.co.za/college-glossary.html
Lang: EN>EN
Kwd: short-term insurance
src: the Insurance Institute of South Africa
cmt: technical terms most commonly encountered during the study or purchase of short-term insurance

DE, EN, FR Health insurance glossary
url: http://www.hurisc.org/bkkwort/fulle.htm
lang: DE, EN, FR
kwd: health, old-pension insurance, health insurance, coverage
src: BKK

ES>ES Health Insurance glossary saludigital.com
url: http://www.saludigital.com
lang: ES>ES
kwd: health, medical, patient information, health insurance
cmt: Spanish only saludigital.com: this page is sometimes slow to load; then you have to click on a tiny box marked Diccionarios Médicos, then still you wait again and click on an awkward banner <Diccionario médico de Adeslas - Seguros de Salud> (this line does not look in any way like a LINK! Then after that page finally loads, you still have to click again: either type in a term in the search box by <Término a Buscar > and then click on Buscar; or click on one of the annoying tiny (and slow to load) letters of the alphabet under either <Diccionario general> or <Diccionario Odontológico>: I think it's a diabolically designed Spanish language Zen study in aggravation .. :-)
see also http://www.interfold.com/translator/medsites.htm


see also Computers and Telecommunications

url: http://www.motive.co.nz/glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: computer, internet, web, intranet, usability
cmt: Good definitions, includes terms related to Web development

Internet ES<>EN

DE>DE Internet
url: http://www.perfactweb.de/service/dictionary.html
lang: DE>DE
kwd: computer, internet
cmt: Terms related to internet and its services such as email or ftp

EN, IT Net security
url: http://www.insicurezza.it/glossario.htm
lang: EN, IT

ES<>ES>EN Internet glossary
URL: http://www.guia.com.uy/62/glosa62.htm
KWD: Internet, computer
CMT: Basic, with definitions and english translations of most words.

EN>ES Computer, Internet,Computing Dictionary

EN>ES Computer, Internet,Computing Dictionary

EN>DE Networking and Internet dictionaries
url: http://www.goversystems.de/Lexikon/javlexsta.htm
lang: EN>DE
kwd: internet, networking, computing

url: http://www.uvigo.es/webs/sli/glinternet/index.html
lang: gallego, EN, ES, PT
kwd: Internet

url: http://isp.webopedia.com/
lang: EN
kwd: internet service providers
cmt: up-to-date terms, definitions, and acronyms

EN, IT New media
url: http://www.advertising.it/Utilities_Gloss2.htm
lang: EN, IT
kwd: Internet, new media, IT, streaming, information technology

EN, IT Internet
url: http://www.comunicazionivisive.com/glossario_int_abc.htm
lang: EN, IT
kwd: Internet, protocols

IT>IT Internet glossary
url: http://www.cliccalavoro.it/candidati/glossario.asp
lang: IT>IT
kwd: typical Internet terminology
src: Cliccalavoro

EN>EN  Internet, telecommunications etc.
url:    http://www.webopedia.com
lang:   EN>EN
kwd:    internet telecommunications computing multimedia
cmt:    English-English glossary with a reliable searh system by keywords.

EN>EN Media and internet glossary
url: http://www.ubimedia.com/glossary/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Media, internet, ASP, B-to-B, etc.
src: ubimedia

url: http://www.maths.tcd.ie/local/JUNK/guide/guide.15.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Web, computers, Internet
cmt: Short, but useful

EN>EN Search Engine Glossary
url: http://www.searchengineworld.com/glossary.htm
lang: EN<>EN
kwd: search engine, Internet, web searching
src: Search Engine World.
cmt: It includes "words associated with search engine promotion and

EN, IT Specific words of Internet
url: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/3276/glossari.htm
lang: EN, IT
kwd: spam, abuse, ASAP, Internet lingo

EN>EN Internet Glossary
url: http://www.cuteftp.com/support/glossary.shtml
lang: EN>EN
kwd: anchor, acrobat, internet, FTP
src: Globalscape

DE>DE Internet and Telecommunications
there's a download version


see Computers