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Most of these glossary links were posted on the mailing list "Glosspost". I want to thank everybody who made a great effort to collect and publish them.
Due to the short life of many web sites there may be broken links.
The glossaries are sorted by subject in alphabetical order and contain mainly the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
The description of the glossary links is mainly in English, sometimes in German or other languages depending on the source.

Glossary Portals, Collections and Search Engines


Huge Glossary List
cmt: Wir pflegen eine Liste von Wörterbüchern und Glossaren - egal ob Papier oder Internet-Ressource. Mit Datenbankmethoden wählen wir Teilmengen aus und sortieren sie. So wird der Datenwust für möglichst viele Anwendungsfälle überschaubar.

MULTI More than 3800 glossaries and other linguistic links
url: http://www.jrdias.com/JRD-Links.html
lang: MULTI
kwd: Portuguese, multilingual, glossary portal, technical dictionaries,
automotive, translation papers
cmt: Joao Roque Dias rocks. His page is a treasure trove for translators, not only the glossary section, which is now searchable, but also the downloads page and other areas of his site. Highly recommended. More than 3800 glossaries and other interesting links for translators. With a point-and-click index, so you can find what you need fast. Thank you João!

EN<>EN Huge portal of glossaries on various subjects
url: http://www.iversonsoftware.com/business/webreference.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Chemistry, biology, physics social science, glossary portal

Page with many glossary links of Peter Spitz

really good list, with links to everything in and about Germany

Meta-Search Engine, which searches 726 different glossaries and dictionaries

Terminology Collection

Glossary collections

Erlanger Liste
Links to - Lexicons and dictionaries in different languages (also Turkish, Japanese and Polish) - Spelling - Machine translation- Translators/language courses, very exaustive!


DE<>FR Glossaries from OFAJ
In addition to the coiffure glossary recently reposted, here are some more pdf glossaries from OFAJ
url: http://www.dfjw.org/fr/glossair.html
lang: DE<>FR
kwd: Aide aux personnes âgées / Altenpflege elderly citizen care,Boulangerie / Bäckerhandwerk bakery, Agriculture biologique/Biologischer Landbau organic agriculture, Coiffure / Friseurberuf  hair care, Ecole maternelle et primaire / Kindergarten - Grundschule education, Muséologie / Museumskunde museology, Travail social / Sozialarbeit social work, Charpenterie / Zimmerei carpentry cmt: "Engagement citoyen - Bürgerengagement - Civic commitment" can also be obtained l'OFAJ.
More links to EN<>FR glossaries on the site. I suggest dowloading these glossaries if you think they are good and useful because elsewhere on thesite they are charging for hard copies of the same glossaries so they may not be available for free in the future.

EN>EN Amazing glossary portal
url: http://composite.about.com/cs/glossaries/index.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: composites, polimers, plastics, materials, enginnering, technical glossary portal
cmt: Wide range of subjects: from composites to nuts and bolts

EN>EN Glossary portal
url: http://www.mikesart.net/giantglossarycom/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: glossary portal, measurement converters, dictionaries, thesaurus, thesauri cmt: Site looks a little cluttered but go to Gigi's references to look or search for glossaries

EN>EN Glossarist
with many dictionaries and glossaries, as well with useful links. Subjects are different - business, medical, finance, etc.

EN>EN General reference
lang: EN>EN
kwd: any of a great variety; some examples of sources:
Bloomsbury Guide to Art, A Dictionary of Accounting (Oxford University Press), Bloomsbury Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, The Macmillan Encyclopedia 2001, The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms, A Dictionary of Scientists (Oxford University Press), Compact American Dictionary of Computer Words.
cmt: Xrefer contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri & books of quotations from the world's leading publishers."
web reference engine - works extremely well.

EN>EN Links - resources for translators
url: http://www.ranchopark.com/translatorlinks.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: languages, glossaries, indexes, associations, general resources for translators, glossary portal cmt: Comprehensive list of texts, online glossaries, grammars, and dictionaries.

DE>ES Globalization, Internet and Airline Employees
url: http://www.academiaisla.com/links/index.php?SID&atoc_id=7&template_id=6
lang: DE>ES
kwd: German, Spanish, globalization, Internet, airline employees
cmt: Developed by colleague Dieter Wiggert. Three table glossaries

ES>ES Some glossaries
URL: http://www.contenidos.com/diccio.htm
KWD: Latin American dictionary, african words used in Rio de la Plata Spanish, Internet, ecology, rivers, lakes, air pollution. CMT: They are five little glossaries, not perfectly ordered, but they have some useful words.

ES<>MULTI Lots of dictionaries
URL: http://susanacr.freehosting.net/dicespanol.html
KWD: dictionaries, glossaries, vocabularies, glossary portal
CMT: About 100 links to various dictionaries on dozens of subjects.

MULTI ProZ Translator's Glossaries
From the ProZ newsletter
ProZ.com Personal / Group glossaries
url: http://www.proz.com/?sp=gloss/titles
lang: MULTI
kwd: glossaries, glossary, multi-subject

WWW Search Interfaces for Translators
Find a glossary, parallel texts and more!

MULTI Term Bazaar
url: http://www.computing.surrey.ac.uk/ai/cgi-bin/term_bazaar
lang: EN, DE, ES, IT, FR, NL
kwd: Safety, Information Technology, Finance, Urban Drainage, Internet, Automotive Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, AIDS, Welsh, Debis, Nuclear
src: AI group in the Department of Computing, University of Surrey

MULTI  Links to dictionaries, glossaries etc.
KWD:    glossary lexicon, dictionary links glossary portal
CMT:    Liks to a plethora of information and links to dictionaries, lexicons, glossaries etc. In French.

EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL Multilingual glossaries
url: http://www.termisti.refer.org/liste.htm
lang: EN<>FR, ES<>FR, NL<>FR, EN<>FR<>DE<>IT<>ES
kwd: (EN-FR) autisme, caméra de "Hubble", fibre optique, mécatronique (suspension et freinage), micro-économie, phytovirologie, récepteur G.P.S. fiber optics, phytovirology, GPS receiver
(ES-FR) législation de l'I.V.G., remembrement, successions testamentaires, législation des baux, crédit documentaire, wills, law, legal
(NL-FR) Restoration de la peinture de chevalet, painting restoration
(EN-FR-DE-IT-ES) De la quille à la pomme de mât
src: Tenmisti, Centre for terminology research
cmt: small, interesting, varied and researched by graduate students

MULTI Glossary list (Glossarist.com)
url: http://www.glossarist.com/glossaries/
lang: MULTI
kwd: glossary, technical, legal, medical, business, science
cmt: "a searchable and categorised directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries".  What promises to be a wide selection of links to various other glossary sites.  The subject matter is too wide to be mentioned in full, but the subheadings are: Arts & Culture, Business, Careers & Employment, Computers & Internet, Economy & Finance, Education, Family & Relationships, Entertainment, Government, Politics & Military, Health, Medicine & Fitness, Humanities & Social Sciences, Law and Justice, Media,  Lifestyle, News &Weather, Reference, Science, Sports & Recreation, Technology, Transport,World, Regions, Countries & Travel.

MULTI  Foreign Word Dictionary Search
URL: http://www.foreignword.com
kwd:    dictionary search, multilingual, glossary portal, translators database
cmt:    DICTSEARCH provides links to and/or fast search into several online dictionaries, mono and bilingual: Anaya, Cyberdico, Michaelis, Wordnet, Catala, Computing, Vandale y Medical (Merck), Langenscheidt's (EN<>ES, DE<>EN), Michaelis' (EN<>PT, FR<>PT, DE<>PT, SP<>PY, IT<>PT... ) etc.

Alison Gaunt's page ''The Translator's Environment: An On-line Bookshelf''
url:  http://members.lycos.co.uk/AlisonGaunt/links.htm
cmt: Links to Ecology, Toxicology, Occupational Safety & Health, Chemistry, Life Sciences, European Union Affairs & Policies, Dutch, English, French and German; Author: Alison Gaunt, Freelance Translator into English;

ES<>MULTI Lots of dictionaries
URL: http://susanacr.freehosting.net/dicespanol.html
KWD: dictionaries, glossaries, vocabularies, glossary portal
CMT: About 100 links to various dictionaries on dozens of subjects.

MULTI Science Glossary Portal
url: http://ns1.hmti.ac.by/science/dictiona.html
lang: MULTI
kwd: glossary portal, journals, multilingual science dictionaries, thesaurus, scientific press
cmt: Scroll down for the glossaries, they are at the bottom of the page. Page also lists several online journals and publications, clearly marking the languages in which they are available. Some bilingual journals.

MULTI Huge monolingual/multilingual dictionary portal
Definitely worth checking out!
url: http://www.admin.ch/ch/f/bk/sp/dicos/dicos.html
lang: MULTI
kwd: glossary portal, dictionary portal, dictionaries
src: Authorities of the Swiss Confederation

MULTI UN Interpreter Glossary Portal
lang: EN, FR, RU, ES
kwd: glossary portal, UN, interpreting
cmt: "thematic mini-glossaries [...] compiled by interpreters in actual working conditions" on a variety of themes

MULTI  Lexicool
lang: MULTI
kwd: glossary portal, glossaries, dictionaries
cmt: "The directory currently has links to over 500 translation dictionaries and glossaries."

MULTI Eurovoc Thesaurus
url: http://europa.eu.int/celex/eurovoc/
lang: MULTI
kwd: Europe, European Community, thesaurus, multilingual
politics, international relations, European Communities, law, economics, trade, finance, social questions, education and communications, science, business and competition, employment and working conditions, transport, environment, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, agri-foodstuffs, production, technology and research, energy, industry, geography, international organizations.
src: Eurovoc
cmt: "Eurovoc is a multilingual thesaurus covering the fields in which the European Communities are active; it provides a means of indexing the documents in the documentation systems of the European institutions and of their users. This documentation product is currently used by the EuropeanParliament, the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, national and regional parliaments in Europe, national government departments and certain European organisations.We are now presenting Version 3.1 of the thesaurus, which incorporates the concepts deriving from the Treaty of Amsterdam, the new European dimension and an increased contribution from users. This version is the result of an initial maintenance operation; Version 4 is planned for 2002,and the users of Eurovoc are invited to contribute to the work on Version 4 by using the maintenance form to propose changes to the thesaurus. The Eurovoc thesaurus is published in the official languages of theEuropean Community :
Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish"

Dictionnaires, encyclopédies et glossaires
url: http://www.biblio.usherb.ca/internet/dictext.htm
lang: mostly FR
src: personal research
cmt: Dictionnaires de langues; Dictionnaires spécialisés francais; Dictionnaires spécialisés anglais; Dictionnaires à télécharger; Encyclopédies, Services  de traduction, Répertoires. The main specialised titles in French follow below. The ones in English are just about the same. There are also many glossaries and dictionaries on business, law, internet and others.
'Dictionnaires spécialisés français': Dictionnaire médical (Atmedica); Petit lexique de termes médicaux (BIAM); Lexique médical courant; Glossaire de  médecine (multilingue); Lexique detoxicologie (CSST); Glossaire d'anatomie et pathologie; Lexique dedermatologie; Lexique dermo-cosmétologique; Glossaire de cardiologie (Féd.Francaise de Cardiologie); Lexique d'urologie; Lexique de sclérodermie; Glossaire SIDA; Dictionnaire des termes associés aux lombalgies; Microglossaire base "autisme" (fr.-angl.) (TERMISTI); Lexique de l'optique; Lexique de l'oeil et de la vision; Glossaire de la vision; Glossaire dela surdité; Lexique des termes utilisés en surdité; Lexique del'échographie; Lexique des troubles du comportement alimentaire; Dictionnaire de la réadaptation; Lexique des disciplines et techniques demédecine douce; Lexique Français<>Latin des remèdes homéopathiques; Lexique des termes sexologiques;  Lexique médico-économique.

Sciences biologiques:
Glossaire des sciences de la vie (CNRS); Glossaire de l'évolution; Glossaire de biologie cellulaire; Lexique de biotechnologie et géniegénétique; Terminologie du génie génétique; Glossaire de biochimie (Dept. Biochimie, Univ. Laval); Dictionnaire debio-informatique (Lexigene); Lexique des termes vétérinaires  (FAO); Glossaire des termes relatifs au sanglier; Index de traduction des nomsd'oiseaux; Dictionnaire multilingue du cheval (English / Français / Español / Deutsch); Dictionnaire de bactériologievétérinaire; Thésaurus de l'agriculture (Agrovoc) (FAO) (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese); Dictionnaire de l'agronomie ("L'Agronome", 1764); Microglossaire base"phytovirologie" (fr.-angl.) (TERMISTI); Dictionnaire botanique; Glossairede phytopathologie (INRA, France); Glossaire de la conservation des grains (FAO); Dictionnaire: L'Univers desArbres (Domtar); Glossaire du bois (Univ. Laval); Glossaire et lexique de foresterie (pdf); Glossaire de terminologie forestière  (Gouv. Canada); Terminologie de la sylviculture au Canada; Glossaire de la forêt boréale (Gouv. Canada); Glossaire des algues et autres végétaux marins  (FAO); Glossaire descactus; Glossaire mycologique; Atlas des champignons; Dictionnaire des plantes (phytothérapie); Lexique apicole; Dictionnaire apicole (francais-anglais); Dictionnaire trilingue entomologie: français,anglais, allemand; Dictionnaire trilingue des noms de taxons: français, anglais, allemand(entomologie); Lexique de la morphologie des coléoptères; Glossaire progressif d'entomologie (INRA, France); Glossaire des mollusques bivalves (FAO); Glossaire des gastérodopes  (FAO);

Lexique de l'écologie; Glossaire critique de l'environnement (Le MondeDiplomatique); Lexique anglais-français d'écologie numérique et de statistique; Glossaire de la nature (multilingue); Glossaire de l'eau   (Gouv. Canada); Glossaire de l'eau et des milieux aquatiques; Glossaire des zones humides; Glossaire de l'écologie des récifs; Glossaire des engrais et fertilisants