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EN>EN Baby glossary
url: http://www.babycenter.com/glossary/A.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: babies, health, vaccine, children diseases, pregnancy, labour, family, feeding nutrition, behaviour, parenting
cmt: Includes also Tools such as Breastfeeding problems, Choose your contraception, Grothw calculator, Symptom guide, Ovulation tracker, Sext predictor and lots more!!


see Clothing

Film, Television, Home Entertainment

EN-FR-PT Audiovisual Glossary
url: http://europa.eu.int/comm/translation/bulletins/folha/glossar/audiovgl.htm
lang: EN,FR,PT
kwd: audiographics, broadband, diffusion, encryption, television broadcaster
src: European Comission - Translation Service
cmt: especially useful for translators working from/into Portuguese.

EN<>ES Star Trek
url: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dunes/9501/html/h_terminos.html
lang: EN>ES
kwd: star trek, trekkies
cmt: Castilian Spanish

EN>EN Filmsound terminology
url: http://www.filmsound.org/terminology.htm
lang: EN<>EN
kwd: monolingual filmsound terminology soundtrack
cmt: links to different glossaries and illustrations

lang: FR
Consumer electronics, Audio, TV, Satellites, Telecom, Computer ...

100 Fachbegriffe, denen Sprecher und Produzenten häufig im Studio begegnen...
lang: DE

EN>EN Captioning glossary
url: http://www.captionlit.com/aboutcap/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: closed captions, open captioning, captioning formats, pop-on, roll-up,CART, ENR, live-display captioning

EN>EN Television-related abbreviations and acronyms
url: http://www.sigtel.com/tv_info_abbrev.html
lang: EN>EN, some FR and DE
kwd: television, broadcast, abbreviation, acronym, radio, receiver, wire, digital, short wave, video
cmt: includes some terms and slang as well as acronyms; the site itself is focused on vintage radio and TV

EN>EN, EN<>FR Advertising, pay TV, audiovisual, cable
url: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/LEGAL/PAYREGS.HTM
lang: EN>EN, FR>FR
kwd: pay TV, regulations
cmt: PAY TELEVISION REGULATIONS. Not a glossary per se, but contains some useful terms in EN and FR. Mirror page in FR.
url: http://www.aacc.fr/dico2.html
lang: EN<>FR
kwd: advertising
cmt: Dictionnaire français / anglais PUBLICITE GENERALITES (EN/FR)
url: http://europa.eu.int/comm/translation/bulletins/folha/glossar/audiovgl.htm
lang: EN, FR, PT
kwd: audiovisual
cmt: Audiovisual Glossary (EN, FR, PT)
url: http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0776021.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: broadcasting, TV
cmt: Broadcasting Glossary (EN)

EN>EN Movie Terms Glossary
url: http://us.imdb.com/Glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: movies, film
 src: IMDb
 cmt: Internet Movie Database's online film glossary: quite comprehensive.

EN>EN Audio and video glossary
url: http://www.audiovideo101.com/dictionary
lang: EN>EN
kwd: audiovidual, video, audio, home entertainment
cmt: The audio/video dictionary is a comprehensive repository of terms and
detailed definitions designed to take the mystery out of home entertainment. With over 500 audio/video terms, you're sure to find the answers you need.
You can search the dictionary or you can select a letter to view terms beginning with that letter. /

EN>PT Video and Audio Glossary
url: http://www.mpcbbs.com.br/audioespresso/gloss/gloss.htm
lang: EN>PT_br
kwd: consumer electronics, audio, video

EN>PT Consumer electronics
lang: EN>PT, PT>PT_br
kwd: consumer electronics, DVDs, TVs, stereos, car audio systems, CD players, digital cameras, photographic cameras
src: Submarino.com
cmt: Amazon-style website offers glossary with technical terms used in the consumer electronics section of the site

PT>PT Television
URL: http://www.tudosobretv.com.br/glossa/glosstv.htm
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: TV, television production, newscast, broadcasting
cmt: This glossary is all about TV.

PT>PT DVD glossary
lang: PT_br>PT_br
kwd: DVD, Dolby, CD, image, screen, TV, close caption, sound technology, mpeg

lang: PT_br>PT_br
kwd: DVD, Dolby, CD, image, screen, TV, sound technology, mpeg
cmt: It also explains what DVD is.
lang: PT_br>PT_br
kwd: DVD, Dolby, DTS, CD, image, screen, TV, sound technology, mpeg, macrovision, close caption, PAL, NTSC, Secam
cmt: This is not a glossary, but it contains great explanations about DVDand DVD-related topics. You can see more information on the web page by clicking in "Continua"..

DE Filmtechnik

EN>IT, IT>IT videogames glossaries
url: http://spazioweb.inwind.it/igc/glossario/g1.htm
lang: EN>IT, IT>IT
kwd: videogames, gaming, computer games
url: http://www.makegames.com/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: videogames, gaming, computer games

Video- und Filmlexikon
lang: DE

Finance, Stock Exchange, Banking, Taxation

EN>EN Financial terms (British)
url: http://focus.comdirect.co.uk/en/financetools/glossary/terms.html
lang: EN>EN_uk
kwd: finance, stock market
cmt: A British point of view

IT>IT Finance, insurance
url: http://www.agenziabpb.it/pages/glossario.htm
lang: IT>IT
kwd: finance, stock exchange, insurance

IT>IT Finance
url: https://www.sella.it/banca_on_line/trading/glossario/a.jsp
lang: IT>IT
kwd: finance, banking, stock exchange
src: Banca Sella

EN>FR Offshore banking glossary
url: http://www.offshore-banking.biz/glossary.html
lang: EN>FR
kwd: offshore banking and investment

IT, DE, FR Financial
url: http://www.zurich.ch/financepoint/i/pfrp/glossary_i.html
lang: IT, DE, FR
kwd: Sharpe ratio, performance, index, financial
cmt: there's a page for every language, with definitions in the corresponding language.

IT>IT Banking
url: http://www.bancagenerali.it/bgportal/glossario/search_byInit.jhtml?init=A
lang: IT>IT
kwd: banking, investments...
src: Banca Generali

EN, IT Economics, finance
url: http://borsamat.borsaitalia.it/gloss.asp
lang: EN, IT
kwd: stock exchange, swap, insider trading...

EN>EN Financial
url: http://www.lse.co.uk/index.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: ISIN code, funds, financial

DE>DE Vienna Stock Exchange Investing Glossary in PDF form
URL: http://www.wienerboerse.at/mmdb/5/3/glossar.pdf
(Also available at http://www.wienerboerse.at/glossary/1/)
LANG: DE>DE, some EN
KWD: investing, stocks, equity, option, bond, capital
SRC: Vienna Stock Exchange Website

lang: EN

ES<>EN taxation
URL: http://www.missouribusiness.net/irs/pdfs/publications/p850.pdf
KWD: tax, taxation, fiscal,
SRC: Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service
CMT: English/Spanish glossary of words and phrases used in publications issued by the Internal Revenue Service. 28 pages long.
"This glossary was developed by the Tax Forms and Publications Division of the Internal Revenue Service, in consultation with the Translation Commission of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (Comisión de Traducciones de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española) and with the Graduate School of Translation of the University of Puerto Rico (Programa Graduado en Traducción de la Universidad de Puerto Rico). Its purpose is to establish high standards for the quality of language usage, to promote uniformity in language usage, and to minimize the risk of misinterpretation of Spanish-language materials issued by the Service."

PT>PT Warrants Glossary
url: http://www.negocios.pt/noticias/NoticiaDetalhe.asp?CdDoc=18635
lang: PT>PT
kwd: warrants, financial, investment, leverage, at-the-money, call warrant, market maker
src:  Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa e Porto
cmt:  “Warrants” Glossary

http://www.consors-webstreet.de/html/GlossaryTerms.html (Englisch>Dt)
http://freetutorials.de/ja/jaglossar.html (Jahresabschluss, Bilanz)
http://www.investorwords.com/ (nur Engl.)
http://joramon.com/dicciona/dicciona.htm (Spanisch)
Steuern http://www.pinkernell.de/glossary.htm#I (US)

EN>EN Australian Taxation Office glossary
Lang: EN>EN
kwd: taxes, taxation, fiscal
cmt: on the official website of the Australian Taxation Office. Includes terms for businesses, beneficiaries and salary and wage earners.

url: http://www.stern.de/wirtschaft/steuern/glossar
lang: DE>DE  
kwd: tax, fiscal directives
cmt: a bit short, useful anyway!

ES>ES Mortgage glossary
URL: http://www.hipotecagratis.com/glosario/welcome.html
KWD: mortgage,financial,hypothec,bond, home buying, financing
CMT: European Spanish

DE>DE Stock exchange glossary
url: http://www.werpo.de/BorsenABC/body_borsenabc.html  (letters A-E)
http://www.werpo.de/BorsenABC/Borsen_ABC_2/borsen_abc_2.html  (letters G-M)
lang: DE>DE    
cmt: Börsen ABC, Stock Exchange 101, investment

EN<>IT Economics, Finance
url: http://www.performancetrading.it/Servizi/servizi.htm#glossario
lang: EN<>IT
kwd: laundered money, lender liability, economics, finance, financial

EN>DE Leasing
url: http://www.leasingverband.at/infocorner/leasingterms_de_en.htm
lang: EN>DE
kwd: lease, asset, rent, property, ownership, accounting, finance, housing
cmt: Also contains quite a few general accounting terms

DE>DE Austrian banking terms glossary
url: http://www.oenb.co.at/glossar/gloss_p.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Baisse, Banco-Zette, Geldmarkt, Handelssystem, banking terms, Austria
src: Oesterreichische Nationalbank

MULTI  Financial Terms (Axone)
url: http://tradition.axone.ch
lang: MULTI
kwd: business, finance
cmt: This glossary with over 5000 financial terms in English, German, French and Italian can be used free of charge for non-commercial use on a query-by-query basis. The service is a co-operative effort of Axone Services and Developpement SA and Viel Tradition Group.

DE, EN, FR, IT Financial
url: http://www.hrazg.ch/mainglossar.htm
lang: DE, EN, FR, IT
kwd: financial terms

DE, EN, FR, IT Banking (UBS)
url: http://www.ubs.com/e/index/about/bterms.html
lang: DE, EN, FR, IT
kwd: Banking, finance, financial, investment
src: UBS Dictionary of Banking
cmt: All language combinations; In case the server is down, here are two alternative addresses!

MULTI Finance
lang: ES, EN, FR, DE
kwd: finance, auditing, reconciliation, indebtness, government employees

MULTI Banking Glossary
Dictionary of Banking
lang: EN, DE, FR, IT
kwd: Banking, credit, finances
Source: UBS

MULTI Investment trust
url: http://www.morningstar.it/investabc/1.asp
lang: MULTI, IT>IT
kwd: investment trust, alpha, initial commission, financial
src: Morningstar
cmt: in this page clic on "Aprite il nostro glossario". MULTI for term, definitions in Italian
url: www.indiainfoline.com/glos.html
lang: EN
kwd: business and finance

FR<> EN Banking
url: http://www.bfd.fr/infobase/infob_fr.asp
lang: FR, EN
kwd: banking, finance
src: Système d' Information Bancaire et Financier

IT>IT Investment trust
url: http://www.bsi.ch/fondi/fo130i.cfm
lang: IT>IT
kwd: investment trust, risk management, open-end fund, etc.

IT>IT Financial markets
url: http://www.mrprofit.it/Glossario01.html
lang: IT>IT
kwd: finance, financial
src: MrProfit
cmt: Some English terms defined, too. Definitions in Italian.

EN, IT Financial
url: http://www.e-consed.it/glossario.asp
lang: EN, IT
kwd: penalty bid, underwriters, etc.

EN, IT Banking
url: http://www.portalino.it/cgi-bin/gloss1.pl?lettera=A&categoria=96
lang: EN, IT
kwd: banking, cash & carry, allocation, shareholder, finance

EN>IT Initial Public offer
url: http://www.twicetrade.it/asp/ipo/glossario.asp
lang: EN>IT
kwd: initial public offer, IPO, aftermarket performance, allocation, green shoe, over allotment, finance, investment
cmt: Terms in English, explanations in Italian.

IT>IT Financial and Banking
url: http://aleasrv.cs.unitn.it/
lang: IT>IT
kwd: arbitraggio, cross-market, financial, banking, euro
cmt: in this page, click on knowledge base to access the glossary

IT>IT Financial
url: http://www.fondionline.it/fol_editoriale.nsf/webRubricaGlossario?openview
lang: EN, IT
kwd: scenario analysis, benchmark, finance, financial

EN>IT Finance
url: http://www.pegacity.it/finanza/traduzio/g_b.htm
lang: EN>IT
kwd: baby bond, bank quality, finance, financial
cmt: you have to type the correct letter in the URL (g_*.htm)

EN>IT Financial
url: http://www.mcconsulting.it/glossario/glossa.htm  
lang: EN>IT
kwd: book-entry securities, above par, financial

EN<>IT Financial
url: http://www.finecosgr.it/FAQ/glossario.html
lang: EN<>IT
kwd: financial terms, investments

IT>IT Mutual Funds
url: http://www.mlim.it/itsite/glossary.htm
lang: IT>IT
kwd: investment funds, mutual funds
src: Merrill Lynch

EN>IT Financial terms
url: http://www.tradinglab.com/tradinglab/jsp/web/IT/home.htm
lang: EN>IT
kwd: accelerated depreciation, accrual basis, financial
cmt: in the homepage select Education, then Glossario

IT>EN Financial
url: http://www.intesatrade.it/IntesaTrade/Glossario/TerminiGlossario/
lang: IT>EN
kwd: bonds, provision, dividends, financial

EN>IT Investments
url: http://www.dbfondi.it/
lang: EN>IT
kwd: investments, asset management
src: Deutsche Bank
cmt: in the homepage select Education: you'll find both a EN>IT and a IT>IT glossaries

IT>EN Financial
url: http://www.borsaitalia.it/ing/listino/gloss.htm
lang: EN>IT
kwd: stock exchange, finance
src: Borsa italiana

IT, EN Stock Exchange
url: http://www.prime.it/htm/H0000092.htm
lang: IT, EN
kwd: bonds, buy-back, bull, etc.

IT>IT Financial
url: http://www.etra.it/glossario/
lang: IT>IT
kwd: risk management, advisor, etc.

EN, IT Financial
url: http://www.soldionline.it/SOL_Editoriale.nsf/alldocs/E6187A8F1E6495E7C1256A6F004FDD5D/
lang: EN, IT
kwd: financial terms, investment, funds; portal to other glossaries
cmt: it's quite a long address: you can type the first line and then click on Glossario. From the general glossary you can display other more specificglossaries (up right)

IT>IT Financial terms
url: http://www.caboto.it/secur/glossario/
lang: IT>IT
kwd: financial terms, investments
src: Caboto

IT>IT, EN>IT Financial glossary
URL: http://www.axiaonline.it/glossario/A/glossarioA.htm
KWD: stock plan, acid test ratio
CMT: developed by Axia Studi ricerche e analisi finanziarie

IT>IT Banking and financial glossary
url: http://www.bci.it/trend_mercati/
lang: IT>IT
kwd: banking operations general finance
src: Comit, Ufficio Analisi
cmt: in this page click the link "Glossario" and upload the .pdf document

IT>IT Asset management
url: http://www.intesasgr.it/workflow/w013s4.nsf/framesets/glossario
lang: IT>IT
kwd: asset management, SGR, financial
src: Intesa Asset Management SGR

ES>ES Banking Terms
url: http://visa.edgate.com/visa/spanish/resources/terms.html
lang: ES>ES
kwd: banking, financial services, savings, overdraft, bad check, cash, mortgage, checkbook

FR<>EN Financial terms
url: http://www.fin.gc.ca/gloss/gloss-e.html#a
lang:   FR<>EN
kwd:    finance, accounting, audit
cmt:    URL put together by the Canadian Dept of Finance, most useful for those who translate En<>Fr but also a good resource for definitions, etc.

EN>EN_uk Stock Exchange
url: http://www.londonstockexchange.com/about/glossary.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: stock exchange, investment
src: London Stock Exchange
cmt: Not extensive, but complete with good explanations.

PT> PT_pt, EN>EN  Finance
http://www.gesbanha.pt/indexb.htm  (1)
http://investor.cnet.com/investor/news/glossary/0-9900-1026-0-1.html?tag==glos  (2)
lang: (1) PT>PT_pt; (2) EN>EN
kwd: finance, investment, business, financial
cmt: ... the first may be a translation of the second ... warrants further investigation
Note: Can't seem to find the Dicionário Técnico de Gestão & Negócios that I found yesterday, which means that I'm ever so glad I downloaded it immediately after I found it ...

EN>EN Swift Standards Dictionary
url: http://www.swift.com/index.cfm?item_id=2640
lang: EN>EN
kwd: banking, SWIFT code, wire transfer, financial services,instruction code
src: SWIFT
cmt: "The Financial Dictionary is the result of co-operation between SWIFT and major financial industry bodies and represents a critical step towards convergence to a single standard within the industry.The Financial Dictionary is a database that you can access and consultusing a search engine. You can interactively look for specific business elements by selecting either the simple search dictionary at business element level or the advanced dictionary search providing you with richer search capability."

EN>EN Credit  Report Terms
lang: EN>EN
kwd: credit reports, credit terms, applicant, co-signer, debit card, banking

EN>EN Bond terminology
url: http://www.nchffa.com/Bond%20Terminology.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: bond, closing date, issuer, underwriter
src: National Council of Health Facilities Finance Authorities

EN>EN Financial
url: http://www.speculativebubble.com/terms/glossary.shtml
lang: EN>EN
kwd: financial terms, stock exchange, speculative bubble
cmt: quite exaustive

EN>EN Investment terms
URL:  http://www.investorwords.com
lang: EN>EN
kwd: investment, finance, banking

ES>EN Financial/Agenda Terms Glossary
lang: ES_mx>EN
kwd: fondos de inversión, Restricted Retained Earnings, Utilidades Retenidas Restringidas, disponibles, investment funds, financial
src: Mhhe
cmt: Almost all proxy/agenda/financial terms used in Mexico; very good indeed

IT>IT Investment trust
url: http://economia.vizzavi.it/glossario/glossario_a.asp
lang: IT>IT
kwd: investment trust, funds, financial

EN Finance

DE>DE Banking, investment
url: http://www.warentest.de/pls/sw/SW$NAV.Startup?p_KNR=0&p_E1=3&p_E2=0&p_E3=80&p_E4=0&p_Inh=B:493
lang: DE>DE
kwd: banking, investment, shares
cmt: Banking glossary with explanations in German.

EN>PT_br Finance and international trade
url: http://www.auditoriainterna.com.br/glossario.htm
lang: EN>PT_br
kwd: freight, agency contract, bond , international trade, financing

EN>EN Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (McGraw-Hill Ryerson)
lang: EN>EN
kwd: finance, financial
src: Glossary of the text book: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance,
McGraw-Hill Ryerson

EN <>DE: http://info.deutsche-bank.de/deuba/db/navigate.nsf/Frameset/DEVP-42MLYA?OpenDocument
DE>Multi-Lingual: http://www.imf.org/external/np/term/browse.asp?letter=A&index_langid=5&index=deu
Multi-Lingual: http://www.multexinvestor.de/common/commoncontent.asp?pageid=glossar
DE>DE: http://www.mlim.de/desite/individual-investors/glossary.htm
DE-CH>DE: http://www.slfundmaster.com/home/de/news/info/glossary.html
DE>DE: http://www.koopiworld.de/studium/bbl3.html
DE>DE: http://www.vwd.gfa-fonds.de/glossar/glossar_a.hbs
DE>DE: http://www.finanz-adressen.de/europa/lex-de/A.html
DE-CH>DE: http://www.skandia.ch/_lang_deutsch/glossar/neutral/inhalt-a-detail.htm
EN>EN: http://www.skandia.ch/_lang_english/glossar/neutral/inhalt-a-detail.htm
EN>EN: http://www.moneyworld.co.uk/glossary/
EN>EN: http://www.nyse.com/help/glossary.html
EN>EN: http://www.balticbankinggroup.com/bbgdicionary/a.htm
EN>EN: http://www.ubs.com/e/investmentfunds/switzerland/glossary.html
Fonds http://www.ubs.com/g/investmentfunds/germany/glossary.html

(Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

Food & Drinks

DE>DE Food Additives
url: http://www.sabona.de/HilfsstofflisteA.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: food additives
cmt: Belongs to Homepage of SABONA, for natural drugs

DE Food, Cooking

MULTI Vegetarian Phrases in World Languages
url: http://www.ivu.org/phrases/
lang: MULTI
kwd: vegetarian, food
cmt: Just a few entries but a huge amount of available languages and dialects.

EN>ES, EN>EN Grains, Fruits & Vegetables
lang: EN>EN
kwd: grains, fruits, vegetables

PT>PT Alcoholic Beverages
lang:    PT>PT_br
kwd:     alcoholic beverages liquor drink wine beer
cmt:     description of several types of beverages and its components

Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Dänisch, Niederländisch.
klärt auf über Lebensmittelbezeichnungen, die in Deutschland, der Schweiz u. Österreich gebräuchlich sind.

EN>EN Spice & Herb Encyclopedia
url: http://www.culinarycafe.com/Spices_Herbs/
lang: EN
kwd: Spices, herbs, cooking cmt: Spice & Herb Encyclopedia. "Looking for a way to improve your bland cooking? Take a look at the Spice & Herb Encyclopedia. You'll not only learn how to use a variety of spices to add more flavor to your dishes, but you'll also discover the history and traditional uses of these plants. For example, "In 1101, victorious Genovese soldiers were each given two pounds of Pepper as a gift for their successful Palestinian conquest." 45 names so far but, has pictures and good info.

EN>ES Ingredients for cooking
url: http://lloyd2.home.mindspring.com/words.htm
lang: EN>ES
kwd: names of ingredients used in cooking
cmt: The Glossary is converting Spanish to English, English to Spanish, andSpanish of one country or district to Spanish of another. Many areas cookwith the same ingredients but call them by some other name. I have tried togather as many of these names as I could find to help others use the recipesfrom different areas or countries.

EN>EN OneCook Reference Desk
url: http://onecook.com/reference/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: ingredients, cooking

PT>MULTI Gastronomy glossary
url: http://www.siemens.pt/pt/novidades/glossario_g.htm
lang: PT_pt, EN, FR, DE
kwd: fruit, poultry, gastronomy, ingredients, preparation, vegetables, beverages, fish
cmt: Translations go from European Portuguese into the other languages. Divided into mini-glossaries covering meats, shellfish, poultry and game, fruits, etc. Not extensive but neat, comes in tables with all four languages available at a glance.


EN>EN Food terminology
url: http://www.culinaryuniverse.com/Body/Food%20Terminology/food_terminology.htm 
lang: EN>EN
kwd: gastronomy, cooking, food, ingredientes
cmt: A nice portal to several food glossaries, including ethnic food, food safety, wine (one in Spanish), etc.

EN>EN Greek food dictionary
url: http://www.synaxis.org/katies/foodindex.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Greek dishes, cheeses, olives, desserts, culinary, gastronomy
cmt: A handy reference of the most common Greek food items

EN>EN Foodservice
url: http://www.fcsi.org/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: foodservice, food industry, all you care to eat, restaurants, catering, equipment
cmt: "The following is a list of industry terms compiled by the FCSI Board of Examiners. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of terms used by foodservice consultants but rather a basic listing of terms that anyone in the industry should know. These terms will be incorporated into the test material for the FCSI Basic Competency Exam."



MULTI Gastronomic Dictionary
url: http://pasticceria.org/dizionario.html
lang: EN, FR, IT, ES, NL
kwd: gastronomy, ingredients, cooking, cuisine

MULTI Encyclopedia of Spices
url: http://www.theepicentre.com/Spices/spiceref.html
lang: MULTI
kwd: spices, cooking, vanilla, pepper, chile, encyclopedia, glossary,illustrations
cmt: Nice encyclopedia with information about cooking uses, geographicincidence, illustrations, pronounciation and translations into severallanguages at the bottom of the page (scroll down)

MULTI Restaurant and Bar Terms (Link update)
url: http://www.gencat.es/dict/llengua/eines_per_a_lempresa/barrest.pdf
lang: CAT, ES, FR, DE, IT, EN, NL
kwd: dishes, catering, restaurant, menus, common dishes, cream of tomato soup, veal chasseur, desserts, entrees, appetizers, roast lamb, drinks, apperitif
src: Generalitat de Catalunya, Commerce, Tourism and Consumer Services Department
cmt: Oh, if you translate menus you are going to love this one. It's huge and you will find there tons of names of dishes commonly found in restaurants. Interface is in Catalan, so terms go from CAT> other languages.Direct link to the .pdf. Bon appetit!

MULTI Cuisine and Gastronomy
lang: EN, FR, ES, SV, DE, IT, NL
kwd: cuisine, gastronomy, fish, meat, vegetables, poultry, spices, desserts,champignons, shellfish

MULTI Meat cuts
url: http://www.interviandes.com/interviandes/decoupe/Recherche.html
lang: FR, EN, DE, IT, PT, ES
kwd: meat cuts, beef
cmt: Commercial catalogue - mirror pages with meat cuts in different languages
url: http://www.usmef.org/TradeLibrary/Resources/Resources.htm
lang: EN, ZH, KO, JA, ES
kwd: meat cuts, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
cmt: downloadable multilingual pdfs and glossary

MULTI Ham and cold cuts
url: http://www.mhr-viandes.com/en/docu/docu/d0000339.htm
lang: FR, DE, EN, ES,IT
kwd: pork, ham, cold cuts

EN>EN Ham and cold cuts
lang: EN>EN
kwd: ham, pork
src:  Food Safety and Inspection Service, US Department of Agriculture

FR<>EN Culinary glossaries
url: http://www2.paris-avenue.com/us/visitor_guide/p14.shtml
lang: FR>EN
kwd: culinary, keywords in French, menus, classic dishes, cooking
cmt: French culinary expressions with brief explanations in English. Some classic dishes included. Available for download.
url: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/4352/gloss.htm lang: FR<>EN
kwd: culinary, classic dishes, cooking
cmt: Explanations available in English and French.

EN<>ES, FR Dairy terms incl. definitions
url: http://babcock.cals.wisc.edu/glossary_eng.html
lang: EN, ES, FR
kwd: dairy, milk, cheese, food industry
src: Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development
cmt: Definitions given in all languages

EN<>ES Food Glossary
url: http://www.lingolex.com/spanishfood/glossayen.htm
lang: EN<>ES
kwd: foodstuffs, spices, utensils, cooking methods

FR > FR Lexique de la bière
URL http://iquebec.ifrance.com/sherbroue/biere/lexique.htm
lang    FR>FR
kwd     beer bière cerveja birra bier cerveza
cmt     an interesting French glossary of beer terminology, especially right now, Friday almost evening (smile).

EN>EN Food glossary
URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: food, gastronomy, cooking, cookery
cmt: Explanations in English for different ingredients, dishes, methods of preparing food etc.

EN>EN  Spirits glossary
url: http://www.geocities.com/NapaValley/1956/spirits/Terms.html
lang:   EN>EN
kwd:    spirits alcohol drinks beverages liquor
cmt:    Still in the year-end celebration spirit, a glossary of spirits for you appreciation.

EN>EN  Fish, Poultry, and Meats Glossary
url: http://www.nutribase.com/fishmeat.shtml
lang: En>En
kwd: ahi, akule, beefalo, capocollo, chub, torsk, whelkfish, poultry, meats

EN>EN Wine Terminology
KWD: wine, winespeak, oenology, winetasting
CMT: From Winetoday.co.za

EN>EN Sugar Glossaries
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Sugar, Cooking, Food
cmt: general sugar glossaries including some "sweetener" glossaries. Also aMaple Sugar glossary.
src: The Glossarist - where else? (sorry, couldn't resist)

EN>EN Sugar glossary
url: http://www.epicurean.com/exchange/glossary.html#S
lang: EN>EN
kwd: ingredients, sugar, food, cookingcmt: from “an online magazine for food and wine lovers”. Not huge, but somegood descriptions here, including brown sugar, icing sugar, castor sugaretc. under “sugars and other sweeteners” and useful mention of different US& British names, e.g. biscuits.

EN>EN & MULTI Cooking Glossaries
url: http://www.my-edu2.com/EDU2LS/cook2ls.htm
lang: EN, FR, DE, ES, NL
kwd: Cooking, dictionaries, terms, food
cmt: Uni-, bi- and multilingual dictionaries/sites on cooking, nutrition, regional foods, safety and wine.
src: ABCentral. I haven't been able to figure out what it exactly is though. Worth taking a look though.

EN>EN Tea and Coffee Glossaries
Below, there are several URLs of Tea, and Tea and Coffee related terms.
(General Glossary of Tea, The Manufacture Glossary, Glossary of Tea Grades, Tea Tasting Glossary, Terms describing infused tea leaf, Terms describing Tea Liquor)
lang: EN>EN
kwd: tea and coffee terms; agony of leaves, bergamot, yunnan
cmt: all are explanatory, and help to understand terms in the processing industry

MULTI Gastronomy glossary
a few dictionaries in several languages referring to gastronomy
subject: meet
Portal to links

EN>EN Italian Cooking Glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd: cooking, italian cooking, food, gastronomy, pasta, vegetables, cheese, fruit, spice
cmt: with pictures and good cross references

MULTI Gastronomy glossaries
Em este enlace tienes diferentes glosarios sobre el tema de alimentos,
cocina etc.
url: http://www.glossarist.com/glossaries/lifestyle/food.asp?page==3
lang: MULTI
kwd: food, cooking, gastronomy
cmt: Links to several specific glossaries in many language combinations.
url: http://www.tarn-web.com/english/ukfrgastro_glossary.htm
lang: EN<>FR
kwd: cooking, cookery, gastronomy
cmt: Glossary of cooking terms
url: http://personal.redestb.es/doest/
lang: EN, ES, DE, FR, CA, IT
kwd: food, cooking, gastronomy
url: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/vinnytt/fooddico.htm
lang: EN, SV, FR
kwd: food, cooking, gastronomy

EN>EN Beer glossaries
url: http://www.paulaner.de/e/wissenswertes/bierlexikon/frameset.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: beer, alcoholic beverages

EN>EN Beer glossaries
url: http://www.glossarist.com/glossaries/lifestyle/beverages/beer.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: alcoholic beverages, beer


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MULTI Chairs
url: http://www.girsberger.com
lang: DE, FR, EN, NL
kwd: chairs in home and office, swivel chairs, visitor chairs,cantilever chairs, furniture
src: Girsberger, chair producer
cmt: commercial site, translated into 4 languages


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