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Economy, e-business

Foreign Trade Glossary (EN, FR, ES, PT)

Triccionario ES,DE, EN
cmt: Der Triccionario© ist ein dreisprachiges Fachwörterbuch - deutsch / englisch / spanisch - für den internationalen Geschäftsverkehr.
Der Triccionario© ist ein vielseitiges Werkzeug für Ihren Arbeitsalltag. Über 30.000 Fachbegriffe, die alle wichtigen Arbeitsbereiche abdecken.
Branchenspezifisch : Import - Export - Industrie - Technik - Handel - Banken - Versicherungen - Dienstleistungen
Aufgabenspezifisch : Vertragsgestaltung - Personal - Steuern - Rechnungswesen - Büroorganisation - Rechtswesen - Schriftverkehr

EN<>ES, ES>ES Business
url: http://www.mercado.com.ar/mercado/glosario/index.asp
lang: EN<>ES, ES>ES
kwd: Marketing, e-business, e-commerce

EN>EN Economics, accounting, business
url: http://www.bized.ac.uk/virtual/economy/library/glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: taxation, birth rate, unemployment, budget, fiscal policy, economics, accounting, business
cmt: A Glossary of economics, business studies and accounting. Include sacronym finder ( http://www.bized.ac.uk/glossary/acronym.htm ) and diagram bank, e.g. inflationary gap.

EN<>ES Business Dictionary
url: http://www.foreignword.com/dictionary/business/default.htm
lang: EN<>ES
kwd: spanish business glossary, spanish business dictionary

EN>ES Accounting, Computer, Production Terms
www.andymiles.com  (general business)
(computing, electronics, telecommunications)

EN>ES Economics
url: http://www.geocities.com/susanacr_99/econosp.htm
lang: EN>ES
kwd: economics

EN<>ES Technical Analysis of Securities
url: http://www.ucm.es/info/rebolsa/glosario.html#SOPSUP
lang: EN<>ES
kwd: securities, chartism, technical analysis, stocks, securities, prediction, market, economics, stop-loss
cmt: Terminology relating to the technical analysis of securities (predictive analysis of stock-price trends).

IT, EN Technology, Economics, Science
url: http://www.marketpress.net
lang: IT, EN
kwd: new economy, technologies, biotechnology...
cmt: in the home page click on PICCOLO VOCABOLARIO

EN>IT Initial Public Offer
url: http://www.ipo.it/ipo/glossario/glossario.cfm
lang: EN>IT
kwd: initial public offer, IPO, due dilligence, dead cat performance, insiders, proceeds

IT>IT Economics
url: http://www.miaeconomia.it/dizionario/index.asp?l=A
lang: IT>IT
kwd: economics, investment, mortgages, houses, etc.
cmt: a mix! Take a look anyway

EN>IT Economics and Finance
url: http://www.mcconsulting.it/glossario/glossa.htm
lang: EN>IT
kwd: economics, finance, ratings, law enforcement
src: Management Consulting
cmt: very useful, since you find the English term followed by the explanation in Italian

DE>DE ATTAC Foundation glossary (economics)
URL: http://www.attac-netzwerk.de/steuerflucht/glossar.html
lang: DE>DE
kwd: shares, Tobin-tax, trust, economics, mneoliberalism, economics, economic theory, globalization, globalisation
cmt: a glossary of a foundation against neoliberal globalisation

URL: http://www.erp-forum.de/site/html/service/glossar.asp
lang: German
kwd: Enterprise Resource Planning, Controlling (Programs like SAP R/3)
src: ERP Forum

EN>DE Economics dictionary
Try this URL with 5000 entries in English, German, French and Italian
url: http://www.pinkernell.de/glossary.htm#D
lang: EN>DE
cmt: US tax glossary
lang: EN>DE
cmt: venture capital glossary
url: http://www.thectr.com/glossary/spanish.htm
lang: EN, ES, PT, JA, DE
kwd: futures and options, finance, financial markets, uptrend
URL: http://www.marketing.ch/dix_d_a.asp
lang: DE,EN,FR (EN-DE-FR and FR-DE-EN also possible)
kwd: marketing, advertising, mailing, paper
cmt: About a thousand entries in a three-column table, split alphabetically into about 17-18 files per language direction.
url: http://www.finanz-adressen.de/
lang: DE>EN, EN>DE
kwd: finance, financial
cmt: Glossaries about finance and insurance in English and German.
url: http://www.gcre.com/CologneRe.nsf/Doc/glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd: finance, financial, reisurance
cmt: Glossary of reinsurance terms and of common reinsurance abbreviations
I also find very useful the LEO dictionary (for general terms) at
URL http://dict.leo.org/
and for EU terminology - EURODICAUTOM at the
URL http://europa.eu.int/eurodicautom

EN>DE Economics dictionary
Via www.glossarist.com:
Economics Glossary, Finance Glossary
Searchable economics glossary: definitions, links, examples. Includes Finance Glossary and comprehensive Monetary Policy Glossary
Glossary Of Monetary Policy Terms
Comprehensive Financial Glossary covering terms related to Monetary Policy.
Economics Glossary, Finance Glossary
Searchable economics glossary: definitions, links, examples. Includes Finance Glossary and comprehensive Monetary Policy Glossary
Online Glossary of Research Economics
There are 1159 items in this version of the glossary, dated July 20, 2000.
A searchable glossary of economic terms, concepts, definitions, and explanations. AmosWEB means economics, with a touch of whimsy.
Budget Analyst Glossary of Terms
Workings of Federal budget process and how agencies get and use money.
Information on budget analysis careers. Links to important budget sites.
Economic Development - Economic Glossary
PSNH's Economic Development Center Glossary
Glossary of Environmental Economics Terms
Monetary History Glossary
A Glossary of Political Economy Terms
Budget System and Concepts and Glossary
Economics Glossary
Glossary: Economic Geography
FACSNET Reporting Tools | A Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms
Economic terms can be complicated. Here's your guide to the 213 economic terms most often encountered by journalists. These terms are part of the common language of economists.
Electronic Commerce Terms
Encyclopedia of the New Economy

ES>ES Technical Terms on Foreign Trade
url: http://www.portuarium.com/
lang: ES>ES
kwd: freight forwarder, shiping, international trade, foreign trade, exports, E.T.A., E.T.D., F.C.L., "House to House", "House to Pier".
cmt: Glossary of Foreign Trade Terms. Definitions. Some English Terms and acronyms.

ES<>EN Foreign Trade
url: http://portalentrepreneur.com/comercioexterior/central_comexterior_informac_nota23.htm 
lang: ES<>EN
kwd: incoterms, foreign trade, international trade, exports After sight, Against all risk, All risks, Along side (A/S)
cmt: Short but concise bilingual glossary.

ES>ES Foreign Trade Documents
url: http://www.portuarium.com/comercio/export.htm
lang: ES>ES
kwd: invoice, bill of lading, customs, exports, origin certificate, foreign trade, shipping, international trade
cmt: Description of documents used in Foreign Trade. Very short but good, only 9 definitions. Different kinds of transportations.

FR> FR Management
url: http://www.tpe-pme.com/dico.html
lang: FR>FR
kwd: management, business, Dictionnaire de gestion du dirigeant

EN>EN  Outsourcing Definitions
URL: http://www.outsourcing-definitions.com/index.html
KWD: outsourcing, B2B, business, management
CMT: A short list of outsourcing acronyms with links to the definitions. Definitions are approximately one paragraph in length.

EN>EN Accounting glossaries
lang: EN>EN
kwd: accounting, asset management, asset disposal

EN>EN Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
url: http://www1.oecd.org/dac/htm/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: OECD, aid, associated financing, bilateral, claim, net disbursement
src: From Development Co-operation Report: Efforts and Policies of Members of the Development Assistance Committee
cmt: See also the Gender Glossary of Terms at http://www1.oecd.org/dac/htm/widglos.htm

EN>EN Incoterms chart
url: http://www.iccwbo.org/incoterms/wallchart.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: incoterms, CIF, FAS, international trade
src: ICC, International Chamber of Commerce
cmt: "Incoterms 2000 Wall Chart
The perfect at-a-glance chart for your office, with a clear, full-colour illustration of the buyers' and sellers' obligations under each of the Incoterms, including a list of the critical points.To take a look at the wallchart, click here. This read-only version is visible if you have Acrobat Reader.

Business Idioms

EN>PT Venture Capital
url: http://www.ideiasenegocios.com/channel/view_channel_section.asp?cod_channel=25&cod_section=117
lang: EN>PT_pt
kwd: break-even point, venture capital, hands off investor, cash-flow, EASDAQ, leveraged buy-out, investment, business, finance, seed capital
cmt: English and Portuguese terms and definitions related to venture capital.

PT<>ES Foreign Trade & Customs and ALADI terms
url: http://www.aladi.org/nsfaladi/glosario.nsf/walfap/a  (Foreign Trade and Customs)
http://www.aladi.org/nsfaladi/vbasico.nsf/walfap/a  (ALADI)
lang: PT<>ES
kwd: foreign trade, customs, foreign policy, ALADI, incoterms, agreements, Cartagena Convention
src: ALADI
cmt: Contains definitions and translations in both languages.

PT>PT Foreign Trade
URL: http://www.listasmercosur.com.br/btglossario_p/default.htm
KWD:  jargon and terms related to foreign trade: fatura pro forma , fatura consular, uniao economica, uniao aduaneira.
SRC: Listas do Mercosul
CMT: Short, but interesting. The website also offers the same glossary in Spanish

EN>EN, DE>DE Business Intelligence (BI) glossaries
url: http://support.cognos.com/support/products/glossary.html#s
lang: EN>EN
kwd: business intelligence
src: Cognos
url: http://www.biguide.de/
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Business Intelligence software solutions, data management, data extaction, data mining, data warehouse, data mart, enterprise reporting and analysis, scorecarding, ETL, analytic applications

Die gemeinsame Außerwirtschafts-Förderung von Bund, Ländern, Kammern und Verbänden soll durch neue Services der  Informationsplattform iXPOS (www.ixpos.de) weiter ausgebaut werden: Im Mittelpunkt steht ein erstmals online publiziertes Internationales Ausschreibungs-ABC, das auch wenig exporterfahrenen kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen den oft steinigen Weg zu Aufträgen im und aus dem Ausland ebnen soll. Von "A" wie Akkreditiv über "I" wie Incoterms bis "W" wie Warenhilfe  ("Z" wie "Zoll" ist bei Ausschreibungen offenbar noch kein Thema) findet sich dort aber längst nicht nur das kleine Ausfuhr-Einmaleins: Denn neben dem Online-Lexikon gibt es noch ein "Glossar" genanntes Fremdwörterbuch, das englische, französische und spanische Begriffe übersetzt und gleich auf die entsprechenden deutschen Eintragungen verlinkt.

PT>EN Economic Development Policies
url: http://www.iseg.utl.pt/disciplinas/mestrados/dci/glossario.html
lang: PT_pt>EN
kwd: development, economics, appreciation, structural adjustment, debt
sustainability analysus
cmt: Definitions in Portuguese and terms translated into English

Education, Learning


lang: ES

FR>FR French educational system
lang: FR>FR
kwd: education educational system french français système éducatif
cmt: The URL explains what is studied, when it is studied, and the educational objectives. Great help when one needs to find equivalencies in other countries/languages.

EN>EN Examinations
url: http://www.alte.org/glossary/index.cfm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: education, tests, written examinations
cmt: Terms related to assessment of written tests: anchor item, calibration, double marking and so on.
Very useful for those who translate education (UK) texts and related subjects

EN>EN Higher Education Systems
url: http://www.unesco.org/iau/whed-2000.html
lang: EN>EN     
kwd: Higher Education Systems, educational systems
cmt: downloadable rtf files with descriptions of higher education systems most countries, with translations of degrees, entities, etc. etc.
src: International Association of Universities

DE, FR, IT Schools and Education
url: http://www.bildungsserver.de/glossar.html
lang: DE>DE
kwd: education, learning, schools
cmt: Education Glossary. See also http://www.bildungsserver.de  (Education server in General, Schools online Germany)
url: http://www.educa.ch
lang: FR, IT, DE
kwd: education, learning, schools
cmt: Education server, Switzerland

MULTI university grade equivalents
url: http://www.vub.ac.be/gst/eurobio/20eb.html
lang: Multi
kwds: grades, marks, equivalents
cmt: table of equivalent university grades in European countries

MULTI Education (Eurydice)
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Eurybase/Application/eurybase.htm
lang: Monolingual dictionaries in main European languages
kwd: schools, education, educational
src: Eurybase (Eurydice, The Information Network on Education in Europe)
cmt: Click on a country in either language (the language you select at thispoint will be the language of the glossary definitions) then on Glossary.The glossaries are available in many languages and are all monolingual.
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/Glossary/EN/FrameSet.htm
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/Glossary/DE/FrameSet.htm
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/Glossary/FR/FrameSet.htm
lang: Terms in main European languages defined in En, De and Fr respectively
kwd: schools, education, educational
src: European Glossary on Education - Volume 1: Examinations,Qualifications and Titles (Eurydice, The Information Network on Education in Europe)
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/Glo2/EN/FrameSet.htm
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/Glo2/DE/FrameSet.htm
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/Glo2/FR/FrameSet.htm
lang: Terms in main European languages defined in En, De and Fr respectively
kwd: schools, education, educational
src: European Glossary on Education - Volume 2: Educational Institutions(Eurydice, The Information Network on Education in Europe)
url: http://www.eurydice.org/TeeForm/FrameSet_EN.htm
lang: MULTI (translations of terms in main European languages)
kwd: shools, education, educational
src: European Education Thesaurus (EET) (Eurydice, The Information Networkon Education in Europe)
cmt: Dowloadable lists of translations of terms in many languages

MULTI Secondary education in the European Union (Eurydice)
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/second/en/cA6seen.htm
lang: MULTI>EN
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/second/it/ca6secit.htm
lang: MULTI>IT
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/second/de/ca6secde.htm
lang: MULTI>DE
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/second/fr/ca6sefr.htm
lang: MULTI>FR
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/second/es/ca6seces.htm
lang: MULTI>ES
url: http://www.eurydice.org/Documents/second/pt/CA6SECPT.HTM
lang: MULTI>PT
kwd: education, schools, certificates
src: Eurydice, The Information Network on Education in Europe

FR>FR, EN>FR French diplomas
http://www.egide.asso.fr/fr/comprendre/1.5glossaire/home.htm#A [glossary in French]
http://www.egide.asso.fr/uk/comprendre/1.5glossaire/home.htm [glossary in English]
lang: FR>FR, FR>EN
kwd: Baccalauréat, DEUG, grande école, INSA, LEA, PCEM, TD, etc.education, BA, graduate  
src: The Égide site offers a wealth of information on French education and training opportunities for foreign students and researchers.Its aim is to help prospective visitors locate suitable courses, completeadministrative formalities and organize their visit to France.
 cmt: Aimed mostly at UK and US people interested in studying in France,but has useful explanations.

EN>EN Education Loan and Financial Aid
lang: EN>EN
kwd: education, student loans, financial aid

EN>EN Education Loans
url: http://www.chase.com/chase/gx.cgi/FTcs?pagename=Chase/Href&urlname=personal/prodservs/studentloan/glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd: student loans, education, financing
src: Chase
cmt: Education Loans

Zweiter Bildungsweg – educational system of Germany – système éducatif d'Allemagne

Dictionary Of Occupational Titles EN

Vergleichstabelle Schulabschlüsse

Uni-Abschlüsse und Noten international EN


see alsoComputer, Technology

ES>EN Electronics Dictionary
url: http://www.tecnofin.com.mx/eshop/others/diccionario.htm
lang: ES>EN
kwd: electrónica video sonido electronics, sound son
cmt: glosario definido con equivalentes en inglés


This is a technical dictionary related to (modelling and simulation of ) energy in buildings

energy, electricity, geothermal energy, nuclear, biomass, hydropower, solar power, wood, wind energy: 

EN>DE>ES>FR>DK Wind Energy Glossary
url: http://www.windpower.dk/glossary.htm
lang: En>De>Es>Fr>Dk
kwds: active stall power control, Betz's Law, capacity credit, drag, fatigue load, Gedser wind turbine, geostrophic wind, lattice tower
src: Danish Wind Industry Association
cmt: Type the first letter of the word to scroll to that letter. Then click on a term to go to the page which explains it. In some cases we send you to the top of the page with the explanation, rather than the to word itself, in order to give you a better idea of each concept.

DE<>EN Energy and electricity-related & general dictionaries
url: http://www.user.fh-stralsund.de/~emasch/800x600/index2.htm
lang: DE<>EN
kwd: technical dictionaries, energy, engineering, electricity
src: Elektrische Maschinen
cmt: Click on Wörterbücher. This page links to various bilingualGerman-English & English-German technical dictionaries (power electronics,electric power engineering, renewable energy, tv & video) as well asgeneral German-English & English-German dictionaries that I have not seenon Glosspost yet!

DE>DE Solar energy lexicon
lang: DE>DE
kwd: solar energy, solar thermic power station, solar energy, clean energy sources
src: Solarserver

EN>EN, PT>PT Energy glossary
url: http://www.duke-energy.com.br/pt/glossary.asp (PT)
http://www.duke-energy.com.br/in/glossary.asp (EN)
lang: EN>EN, PT>PT_br
kwd: energy, power, Load factor  Power factor Power, apparent or total (volts x amperes) Power, electric Rate schedule Supply voltage
src: Duke Energy International Brasil

EN>EN Glossary of alternative energy terms
url: http://www.poweriseverything.com/impt-info/glossarypage.html
lang: En>En
kwds: absorbers, active solar heater, bypass diode, cell junction, discharge rate, energy density, gel-type battery, multijunction device
src: Alternative Energy Systems Co.

EN>EN Glossary of renewable energy terms
url:  http://www.ata.org.au/glossary.htm
lang: En>En
kwds: ammeter, Darrius rotor, equalising charge, float charge, head, incandescent globe, modified-square-wave, photovoltaic effect, quasi sine-wave

EN>EN Fuel cells
url: http://www.usfcc.com/pubdocs/Glossary.PDF
lang: EN>EN
kwd: fuel cell, alkaline, burner, voltage, combustion, controls, current, electrode, flue, gas, power, ignition system, vehicle, pilot, regulator, valve, ventilation, energy
cmt: Note - this is a 34 pp. PDF file!

DE>DE, EN>EN Batteries
url: http://www.varta.com/eng/navigation/index-knowhow.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: batteries, accumulator, battery, anode, cathode, cell, charging, electrode; Anode,
src: Varta battery manufacturers
cmt: there  are English and German versions ( http://www.varta.com/de/navigation/index.html?content=knowhow/shp-knowhow.html  ) of this glossary - you will have to navigate further to reach the glossaries proper.  Not clear if they can be used for cross-reference purposes
lang: DE>DE
kwd: batteries, accumulator, battery, anode, cathode, cell, charging, electrode; Anode,Akkumulator, Batterie, Kathode, Zelle, laden, Elektrode
src: Varta battery manufacturers
cmt: there are English (http://www.varta.com/eng/navigation/index-knowhow.html) and German versions of this glossary - you will have tonavigate further to reach the glossaries proper.  Not clear if they can beused for cross-reference purposes
url: http://www.bti.ca/gloss.htm
lang: EN>EN
cmt: a rather basic dictionary, but quite useful
kwd: accumulator, battery, anode, cathode, cell, charging, electrode batteries
src: Battery Technologies, Inc.

EN>EN Power electronics
url: http://www.irf.com/technical-info/guide/gloss.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: power electronics

PT>PT_br Power plants and infrastructure
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: energy, hydro power plants, projects
cmt: small but useful.

DE>DE Anti-nuclear glossary
url: http://www.anti-atom.de/
lang: DE>DE
kwd: nuclear waste, nuclear power, fallout, fusion, atomic, reactor
cmt: site also contains lists of persons and companies involved in the nuclear energy industry; nuclear power plants in Germany; abbreviations; associations, organizations, and lobby groups; and other nuclear-issues-related links


DE Environmental Lexicon

DE Fluorkohlenstoffe

DE Elektrosmog

PT>PT Filtering
url: http://www.engefiltro.com.br/glossario.htm
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: filtering, biosafety, membrane filter, reverse osmosis, surfactants, separationg, test

url: http://www.epa.gov/trs/index.htm
lang: EN
kwd: Environment

DE, FR, NL, EN Chemistry and environmental protection
url: http://members.tripod.co.uk/AlisonGaunt/chephar.htm
lang: DE>EN, FR>EN, NL>EN
kwd: waste, emissions, recycling, chemicals, environmental protection, environmental management, nature
cmt: There are also links on this site to a general glossary; abbreviations and acronyms list; and a medical terms, abbreviations, and symbols list.

DE>EN, DE>DE Environment
url: http://home.t-online.de/home/hydrobio.hw/wensee.htm
lang: EN>DE
kwd: ecosystem glossary
cmt: useful
lang: DE>DE
kwd: environment, environmental, prognosis database
src: uti institution
url: http://www.umweltbundesamt.de
lang: DE, EN
kwd: German ministry for environment, environmental

ES>ES Environmental glossary (dump and recycling)
url: http://www.ads.gobierno.pr/biblioteca/Dicc_Ambiental.htm
lang: ES>ES
kwd: Administracion de Desperdicios Solidos, solid waste management, environmental, dumps
src: "Diccionario Ambiental" from the Puerto Rico Solid Waste Authority
cmt: The "Diccionario Ambiental" is actually made up of a "dump" glossary, terms related to dumps and waste management, and a recycling glossary, the "dump" glossary is illustrated.  Neither is very comprehensive but there are very useful terms in there.

EN>EN environmental glossary
url: http://www.environment.gov.za/soer/nsoer/general/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: environment, climat and atmosphere, ecosystem, marine systems, coastal systems, freshwater systems, sustainability, South Africa
src: Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism of South Africa

EN>EN Indoor Environment Notebook
url: http://www.bsu.edu/web/IEN/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: indoor, air, pollution

EN>EN Soil glossary
url: http://www.soils.org/sssagloss/browse.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: active layer, backswamp, cross-slope bench, xerands, yield curve, zonal soil and much more.
src: Soil Science Society of America
cmt: Seems interesting and useful

Equal Rights

MULTI Equal opportunities
url: http://www.europarl.eu.int/transl_es/plataforma/pagina/maletin/colecc/glosario/comision/genero.htm
lang: MULTI (EU)    
kwd: Equal Opportunities between Men and Women, gender, equal opportunity employer, equal opportunity housing
cmt:  100 palabras para la igualdad. Glosario de términos relativos a la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres.
src: Comisión Europea, Dirección General de Empleo, Relaciones Laborales y Asuntos Sociales, 1998

IT>IT  Gay, lesbian, bi and trans-sexual glossary
URL:  http://www.espressonline.kataweb.it/ESW_articolo/0,2393,24107,00.html
lang:  IT>IT
kwd:   sex, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-sexual
cmt:  Questo vocabolario gay, lesbico, bisex e trans è un'opera aperta, prodotto di mesi e mesi di lavoro collettivo, di centinaia di segnalazioni, telefonate, incontri, lettere ed e-mail giunte da tutt'Italia (e non solo). Ed è così che continuerà a crescere, con il contributo di tutti coloro che vogliono ricostruire un tessuto linguistico che spesso è stato usato come arma di disprezzo, di ingiuria, di derisione ma che i gay hanno imparato a utilizzare per riconoscere e riconoscersi, per affermare la propria identità e la propria dignità. Nulla di quanto è scritto, dunque, è inteso come definitivo. Correzioni, precisazioni, suggerimenti sono auspicati e saranno benvenuti. Scrivete a gaywatch@espressoedit.it

EN>EN International Women's Day Glossary
url: http://womhist.binghamton.edu/iwd/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: women's day, suffrage movement, trade union, strike, feminism
cmt: Mostly brief info on people or organizations involved in the history of International Women's Day. Included in the Women and Social Movements website, http://womhist.binghamton.edu/index.html


see Occultism

Economy, e-business
Education, Learning
Equal Rights