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MULTI Cartography
url: http://geoweb.venezia.sbn.it/geoweb/Hsl/Isbd/GlossarioMultilingue.html
lang: IT-FR-EN-ES_DE
kwd: cartography
cmt: Multilingual Dictionary of Technical Terms in Cartography,
Very extensive collection of cartographical terms


see also Physics

DE, EN, FR, IT, HR periodic table of the elements
url: http://www.ktf-split.hr/periodni/en/index.html
lang: DE, EN, FR, IT, HR
kwd: periodic table of the elements, chemical elements
src: KTF-Split, Faculty of Chemical Technology
cmt: Definitions in some languages. The project is financed by Croatian Ministry for Science and Technology.

EN>PT Dictionaries of Chemistry
url: http://members.tripod.com/~r_hopper/s1.htm
lang: EN>PT
kwd: chemistry, chemical

EN>EN Chemistry
url: http://rt210.sl.psu.edu/faculty/Eberlein/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: organic chemistry, configuration, stereochemistry, chiral, isomer, leaving group, polarity, radical, substitution
src: Glossary developed by Penn State University; entries are generally taken directly from the glossary of Organic Chemistry , 4/E, by John McMurry, published by Brooks/Cole.
cmt: basic glossary of organic chemistry
url: http://www.on.ec.gc.ca/glimr/data/chlor-alkali/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: hydrocarbons, environmental protection, chloride process, HDPE, ozonedepletion, pulping, pesticides, thermoplastic
src: Environment Canada, provided by the Canadian Government.  Presumably, therefore, there is a French-language equivalent, but I have as yet been unable to find it
cmt: a glossary of alternative options to the use of chlor-alkali products,covering a wide range of topics, including chemicals, piping, pulp,plastics, packaging, etc.

EN>EN Chemical Dictionary File
url: http://www.ornl.gov/TechResources/cdf/cdf-search.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: chemicals, CAS
cmt: The databases represented by cdf include the Environmental Mutagen Information Center (EMIC), Environmental Teratology Information Center (ETIC), Genetox, CURE, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Hazardous Substances Database (HSDB), and CARCIN.

EN>EN Chemical
url: http://www.iupac.org/publications/compendium/index.html
lang: EN>EN
src: International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
kwd: chemistry, chemical, inorganic, organic
cmt: "This online version of the IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology corresponds to the second edition (1997), compiled by Alan D. McNaught and Andrew Wilkinson (Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK).  Please note that to browse or search this compendium, you will need Adobe AcrobatReader."   A huge and very impressive-looking database, and the rest of the site looks equally useful.

ES>ES, EN<>ES Chemical elements
Chemical substances and identikits.
Chinese Japanese English Korean Finnish Malaysian French Russian German Spanish Swahili
To use this site as a dictionary:
- locate the substance you're interested in
- make a note of its specific number
- return to the page where the various languages are listed
- select your target language
- select the specific number index
- select the number you're interested in
IFCC - English - Spanish Dictionary about Clinical Chemistry Sciences
International Federation on Clinical Chemistry - Scientific Department Workgroup on Terminology and Nomeclature on Clinical Chemistry in Spanish Language
ASCII text version / Wordperfect version / Word for Windows 2.0 version / Word for Windows 6.0 version
Comprehensive and especially useful for those of us dealing with medical and pharmaceutical translations. Note that one of the contributors is Fernando A. Navarro, author of "Diccionario crítico de dudas inglés-español de medicina".
Treasure Trove of Chemistry http://www.astro.virginia.edu/~eww6n/chem
Definitions for hundreds of chemistry terms. Site also provides links to other chemistry handbooks.
http://www.hbcpnetbase.com/CRCBook/ - CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
url: http://www.dsdelft.nl/~tneleme/index_lang.html
lang: MULTI (49 languages)
kwd: periodic table, chemistry, science, chemical elements
cmt: Quite fabulous. Includes translations, description, history and etymology. 49 languages!

Chemistry EN, ES
Chemistry periodic table, science, chemical elements
En español, http://www6.mcyt.es/ANPAQ/sustanci.htm
y en inglés y en español:
Chemistry, elements, compounds, organic chemistry, searchable database

EN>EN Valuable tool for chemical translation
url: http://chemfinder.cambridgesoft.com/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: chemical translation, chemistry
cmt: Here you can check the compound name, find its other names etc.


see Weather

Clothing, Fashion

see also Textiles

ES, EN, IT Raw Leather
url: http://www.cueronet.com
lang: ES>ES, ES, EN, IT
kwd: leather, shoe glossary, leather glossary

DE Fashion Lexicon

Staendig erweiterte Sammlung von Begriffen aus der Mode - gut gemacht undsehr informativ!

EN, FR, DE Vocabulary of Basic Terms for Cataloguing Costume
url: http://www.mda.org.uk/costume/vbt00e.htm
lang: EN, FR, DE
kwd: costume, Women's Garments, Main Garments, Outerwear, Protective Wear, Underwear,, Men's Garments, etc., Infants' Garments, etc.
cmt: Garments and accessories (jewels, etc.) with pictures. It is possible to access the single file directory 1 level above. (pictures should probably not be reproduced without the authorization of the ICOM International Committee for the Museums and Collections of Costume).

EN, DE, IT, ES, FR Footwear
url: http://www.ceq.it/Dizionario.asp
lang: EN, DE, IT, ES, FR
kwd: shoes, footwear
src: CEQ
cmt: Full-text searching

EN>EN: Hat Glossary
url: http://www.villagehatshop.com/hats_glossary_y.html
lang: EN>EN  
kwd: hat, head gear, apparel
cmt: extensive collection of terminologie concerning hats

EN>EN Glove Terminology
url: http://www.bobdalegloves.com/terminol.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: gloves, apparel, accessories, hand protection

PT>PT_br Traditional Arabian Wear
url: http://www.chic.com.br/emalta/emalta_mat_961_1.asp
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: caftan, jodphur, surwal, traditional wear, illustrated, taqiya, gutra
and aghal
cmt: Neat little glossary (only ten terms) that describes and illustrates
head coverings and traditional wear used in Arabian countries.

Shoes EN

Sneakers EN

Stockings EN

Leder-Lexikon DE

Collecting, Coins, Stamps

EN<>DE Coins, coin collecting, numismatics
url: http://www.muenzen-hardelt.de/dic/dict_eng.html#English   (1)
http://www.muenzen-hardelt.de/dic/dict_eng.html#German   (2)
lang: (1) EN > DE, (2): DE > EN
kwd: (1) coins, banknotes, coin collection, numismatics,
(2) Münzen, Banknoten, Münzensammlung, Numismatik, Münzkunde
src: Claus Hardelt, coin dealer, Kaiserslautern, Germany
cmt: Apparently last updated June 1998. Some room for improvement is evident but better than nothing at all.

ES>ES Philately
url: http://www.galeon.com/timbresdemexico/referencia/glosario/index.htm
lang: ES>ES
kwd: philately, stamp collecting, watermark, stamps


MULTI Colors
URL: http://www.main.cz/colors/color_names.htm
lang: EN, CS, HU, FR, DE, ES
kwd: colors, English, Czech, Hungarian, French, German, Spanish, colours
cmt: Very useful. Includes color swatches.

FR>FR colours
url: http://www.pourpre.com/chroma 
lang: FR
kwd: colours, colors, colour, color
src: Chroma

FR>FR Colour dictionary
Colour Dictionary
url: http://pourpre.com/chroma/dicc/index.html 
lang: FR>FR
Kwd: Colours, chromatism, tint, nuance, colors
cmt: Click on the circle at the left to see the different colors, sorted by tint, saturation and brightness.

FR>FR Color glossary
url: http://www.pourpre.com/glossaire.html
lang: FR>FR
kwd: colours, colors, chromatic
cmt: A glossary of chromatic color (in french) very useful

EN>EN Paint and coating systems
url: http://www.spectrapaint.com/architectural/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: paint, coatings, chalking, linseed, curing, mineral spirits


see Books

Computers, IT

see also Internet, Telecommunications, Localization and Economy

Media Lexicon
lang: DE

Smart Cards - Chipkarten
http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Foothills/4710/glossar_g.html DE
http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/close/nw52/glossary.htm EN
http://www.getoranged.co.za/sc_glossary.php EN

DE<>EN Computer Lexicon
url: http://www.hirzel.org/book/
lang: DE>EN, EN>DE
kwd: Microsoft Press, computers, software, hardware, networks
cmt: online version of "Computer Fach-Lexikon" (Microsoft Press) very good!
"Das Microsoft Press Computer-Fachlexikon mit Fachwörterbuch (deutsch-englisch/englisch-deutsch) dient als umfassende Quelle und Referenz für die Definitionen von Begriffen und Abkürzungen aus der Computerwelt. Es enthält Begriffe aus einer Vielzahl von Themenbereichen. Diese Online-Version erlaubt es Ihnen, schnell nach einem bestimmten Begriff zu suchen, die Begriffe durchzublättern, oder über das englisch-deutsche Glossar einen Begriff nachzuschlagen. "


ARCHmatic-Glossary and –Lexicon (DE)
sehr gut, aktuell und downloadbar

Data Communication


EN, FR, PT Audiovisual glossary
lang: EN, FR, PT_pt
kwd: online access, letterbox, screen, distance learning, videoconference,scanning line, audiovisual
src: Europa.int Translations Bulletin.
cmt: Definitions in Portuguese and terms in EN, FR and PT.

EN>EN file extensions
url: http://filext.com
lang: EN>EN
kwd: file extensions, file types, filetypes, file endings
src: FILExt, The File Extension Source

EN>EN Handheld Devices Terminology
url: http://palm.handango.com/Glossary.jsp?siteId=291
lang: EN>EN
kwd: matrix displays, palm, application, handheld computers

EN>ES Computing, electronics and telecommunications
url: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/2323/index.html
lang: EN>ES
kwd: computers, computing, electronics, telecommunications

EN>IT Technical Dictionary
url: http://www.sententiae.it/asp/search.asp
lang: EN, IT
src: Sententiae
kwd: IT, information technology, computer, hardware
cmt: over 4000 terms

DE> DE Network lexicon
lang:    DE>DE
kwd: network lexicon networking computers
cmt: explaining network terminology (most used as English terms) in German

DE>DE ARCHmatic glossary (IT, EDP, CAD, telephony)
url: http://www.schule.bayern.de/bs/forum/unterricht/fendt/bau/glossar/index.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: IT, EDP, CAD, telephony, multimedia, architecture, figures and statistics

EN>IT  Information technology
url: http://www.siemens.it/glossario/glossario.htm
lang: EN>IT, IT>IT
kwd: information technology, net economy, networks, communication
src: Siemens
cmt: can be downloaded in zip format and opened offline

EN<>FR Security and encryption
http://www.cafi.org/lexiques/informatique/index.html lang: FR<>EN
kwd: encryption, IT security, public key, hacker, cracker, Internet
src: Comité d'Action pour le Français en Informatique (Canada)

ES>ES IT Glossary
url: http://www.noticias3d.com/glosario.asp?pl=si&pid=9
lang: ES>ES
kwd: IT, information technology, computers
cmt: brief but excellent IT glossary

ES>ES Information Technology Glossary
url: http://www.tectimes.com/cda/glosario.asp?texto==C&codpalabra=f
lang: ES>ES
kwd: IT, information technology
cmt: Glossary of IT terms explained in Spanish

SAP glossaries
En>De and De>En SAP Online Library or http://help.sap.com
Try the following url:

SAP glossaries

DE>DE Database and sql glossaries
url: http://www.yard.de/doc/YARD-SQL_g/
lang: DE>DE
cmt: sql glossary
url: http://www.bib.uni-wuppertal.de/datenbanken/glossardb.html
lang: DE>DE
cmt: (CD-ROM) databases
src: library of the University of Wuppertal

DE>DE Information and Communication Networks
url: http://www.ic.siemens.com/networks/glossar/index_d.htm
lang: DE>DE
cmt: Information and Communication Networks glossary
src: Siemens

MULTI Cisco Glossaries
url: http://www.cisco.com/public/countries_languages.shtml
lang: EN>MULTI
kwd: networking terminology, E-Learning Glossary, computers, computing, XDSL, data sheets, caronyms
cmt: 28 languages. Click on Glossary Connection. Search or download.
"Cisco Glossary Connection provides online access to glossaries of networking terminology and acronyms translated into 28 languages and regional dialects.
Cisco Glossary Connection functions follow, including who can access them:
Function              Description                                   Access 
How to look up terms  View any of the 28 Glossaries                 All users
Search Glossary       Search glossaries for specific terms.         All users 
Download Glossaries   Download glossaries for reference or printing. Registered users
To access these functions, select them from the menu list on the left.
To access the three functions limited to registered users, you must first register as a Cisco Glossary Connection user, and then log in. (You will receive e-mail notification of registered-user access within 2 business days of submitting your registration.)"

MULTI GlossPost IT Link Compilation
links about IT- technonlogies from the GlossPost messages.
                Languages Links
                     DE > DE http://www.bib.uni-wuppertal.de/datenbanken/glossardb.html
            DE > DE http://www.chemie.fu-berlin.de/glossar/glossar-netz.html
            DE > DE http://www.focus.de/D/DC/DCA/DCA04/DCA04E/dca04e.htm
            DE > DE http://www.mut.de/
            DE > DE http://www.yard.de/doc/YARD-SQL_g/
            DE > DE http://www.www-kurs.de/gloss_b.htm
                        EN > DE http://netlexikon.akademie.de/
            EN > DE http://w3.siemens.de/solutionprovider/_online_lexikon/
            EN >DE http://www.goversystems.de/Lexikon/javlexsta.htm
                   EN > DE http://www.ptv-gmbh.de/lexicon/lexicon-a.htm
              EN > EN http://aol.pcwebopedia.com/
      En > EN http://www.intel.com/home/glossary/header.htm
                               EN > EN http://isp.webopedia.com/TERM/B/BIOS.html
            EN > EN http://java.sun.com/docs/glossary.html
            EN > EN http://java.sun.com/docs/glossary.print.html
            EN > EN http://metalab.unc.edu/nppa/epw/epw8/epw8/about/guidebook/glossary.html
                                         EN > EN http://whatis.techtarget.com/definitionsSearch/0,,sid9,00.html
            EN > EN http://wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk/foldoc/index.html
                       EN > EN http://www.basichardware.com/motherboard.html
            EN > EN http://www.cosmosm.com/support/glossary.htm
            EN > EN http://www.hitechcafe.com/eshop/TechSupport/Glossary.asp
            EN > EN http://www.jonstorm.com/glossary/
            EN > EN http://www.maxtor.com/glossary.html
            EN > EN http://www.mcafee.com/viruses/virus_glossary.asp
                        EN > EN http://www.networking.ibm.com/nsg/nsgmain.htm
                  EN > EN http://www.normicro.com/glossary.htm#sectB
            EN > EN http://www.objs.com/survey/ComponentwareGlossary.htm
            EN > EN http://www.ora.com/reference/dictionary/
        EN > EN http://www.proxim.com/learn/library/guides/gd_glossary.html Wireless networking
                                   EN > EN http://www.techadvice.com/issues/terms.asp?let='A'
                   EN > EN http://www.ugeek.com/procspec/procglos.htm
            EN > EN http://www.voicesaver.com/glossary.htm
            EN > EN http://www.whatis.com/
            EN > EN http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/cc/so/neso/dsso/global/glsy_ai.htm
                       EN > EN http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/74/87.html
            EN > EN http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/cgi-bin/bookmgr/BOOKS/EMA10407/CCONTENTS
                     EN > EN http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/essentials/glossary/default.asp?RLD=00
                        EN > EN http://www.europe.hp.com/cposupport/scanners/support_doc/bps02151.html
                    EN > EN http://www.scansoft.com/scanners/glossary/glossary1.asp
                   EN > ES http://quark.fe.up.pt/cgi-bin/orca/glosario
                        EN > FR http://w3.olf.gouv.qc.ca/banque/index.asp
                               EN > IT http://bilbo.di.unipi.it/~ato-it/amigloss20.html
            EN > PL http://venus.ci.uw.edu.pl/~milek/slow.htm
            EN > PT http://www.dca.fee.unicamp.br/projects/sapiens/doc/glossario.html
                        EN > PT http://www.pr.gov.br/abntsoftware/ce10101/glo10101.html
            EN > PT http://www.superdicas.com/html/webconceitos.htm
            EN > PT http://www.tudodegraca.hpg.com.br/share_freew.htm
            EN >ES http://www.equiposysoluciones.com/equipos/glosario.asp
               ES > ES http://java.sun.com/docs/glossary.print.html
            ES > ES http://www.blackbox.es/glosario.htm
                             FR > DE http://www.multimania.com/orfanses/dicinfor/dicinfof.htm
                       FR > FR http://www.dicofr.com/index.html
            FR > FR http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/3/fr/ciscotheque/lexique/cadresexplorer.html
                 MULTI http://www.ioc.ee/arvutisonastik/index.html
            MULTI http://www.learnthenet.com/German/index.html
            MULTI ftp://ftp.apple.com/developer/Tool_Chest/Localization_Tools/Apple_Intl_Glossaries/
PT > PT http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Node/9578/logistic.htm
            PT > PT http://www.hdtechnology.com.br/50hdtech.htm
                                              Ressource http://www.ipt.br/interface/itens.htm

IT>IT Computing
url: http://www.softhare.it/glossario.html
lang: IT>IT
kwd: executable configuration, freeware, compuiters, computing
src: Soft Hare
cmt: alphabetically-ordered glossaryof computing

EN>ES Computer, Internet,Computing Dictionary
lang: EN>ES
kwd: internet, computer, computing, information technology, PC, software

FR>FR Computer glossary and file extension code
url: http://www.infoprat.net/
lang: FR>FR
kwd: file extensions, computer glossary, computers, IT

cmt: These 2 free pdf files are available at the URL above. Some entries of the computer glossary give the english term.

EN>EN Digital Media
url: http://www.realnetworks.com/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: digital media, add-on, plug-in

EN>EN Computer disaster recovery, emergency planning, high availability
URL: http://www.availability.com/company/index.cfm?fuseaction=press&method=glossarya
KWD: disaster recovery, emergency planning, high availability, data security, system management, system administration, computer system

EN>EN Glossary of Software Development Methods and Techniques
url: http://www.csci.csusb.edu/dick/samples/methods.glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: software development

EN>EN Windows 2000 Information Links
url: http://www.tburke.net/info/win2k/win2k.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: windows 2000, acronyms, OS, software, computers

EN>EN Windows XP glossary
New link!

EN>EN Windows XP glossary
url: http://shop.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbninquiry.asp?isbn=0971009708 
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Windows XP, dictionary, e-book
cmt: I found only a MS Reader eBook:Windows/Office XP Dictionary

EN>EN Network Protocols
url: http://www.protocols.com/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: network, protocols, acronyms

EN>PT Computer/Computing Dictionary
http://www.mbonline.com.br/dicionario/dicionario.htm  (EN > PT)
and also these monolingual English glossaries:

FR <> EN Software, Telecom
ENGLISH: http://www.themanualpage.org/glossaire/uk_index.php3
FRENCH: http://www.themanualpage.org/glossaire/index.php3
kwd: ADSL, DCS, GTS, Knowbot, NGII, Relais de trame, TDMA, X.25, ZTA, etc., computer, telecommunications
src: According to the site, the glossary relies heavily on the work of a certain dedicated Philippe Molinie.
cmt: A lot of useful terms, nice explanations, links within the definitions, deals with quite a bit of those pesky abbreviations.

Computer and network terms
URL: www.bradley.edu/help/glossary.html
lang: EN
kwd: glossary of computer and network terms
src:  Bradley University

EN>EN Computer memories glossary
url: http://www.memory.com/glossary.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: computers, computer memory, RAM, SDRAM
cmt: computer memory glossary

EN>EN RDRAM Terminology
lang: EN>EN
kwd: memory, RDRAM, computers, hardware
src: Rambus Inc.

EN>EN IBM Hard Disk glossary
url: http://ssddom01.storage.ibm.com/hddt/glossary.nsf
lang: EN>EN
kwd: hard disk, computers, HD
cmt: IBM HD glossary

url:   http://www.dvdangle.com/dvd_tech/index.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: DVD, DVD player
url: http://www.activewin.com/dvd/articles/dvd_terms.shtml
lang: EN>EN
kwd: DVD, DVD player

EN>EN Computer virus glossary
url: http://www.antivirus.com/vinfo/virusencyclo/glossary.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: virus, description, place of origin, etc

EN>EN Virus and Antivirus
url: http://antivirus.about.com/library/glossary/blglossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: computer virus, antivirus, internet security, network security
src: Mary Landesman, antivirus.guide@about.com
cmt: a short list of 23 EN terms related to computer viruses with simple explanatory text in EN for each, e.g. polymorphic, malware, worm.

EN>EN Unicode glossary
url: http://www.unicode.org/glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: unicode, Internet, alphabet, accent mark, character, canonical decomposition
src: Unicode Inc.
cmt: "This glossary is originally based on The Unicode Standard, Version 3.0,  and will be updated over time.  It also has been slightly modified for the Web.  In particular, some glyph examples used in definitions in the book are not included here.  All references to sections, tables, etc., refer to the relevant location in the book."

EN>EN  IT Glossary (Whatis)
url: http://whatis.techtarget.com
lang: EN>EN
kwd: information technology, IT, computers, software, hardware, wireless
cmt: Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words in the fields of Software, Internet, Computing Fundamentals, Hardware, PCs, Networking, Telecom. Quick References to the latest IT Topics (eg. links to other glossaries, chat acronyms, smiley faces, list of file name extensions/suffixes that indicate the file format, advertising terminology on the Internet, International System of Units)

EN>EN  IT lexicon
IT/Internet/Telecom Glossary
url: http://www.telia.com/bvo/info/gen_info_ej_rubrik.jsp.html?OID=StartLexicon&C
lang; EN>EN
kwd: IT, Internet, telecom, communication

EN>EN 3D glossary
url: http://www.avsim.com/fsbench/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: 3D graphics, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, culling and clippping, graphic cards, OpenGL, rendering, bump mapping, frame buffering, rasterization
cmt: Ever translated graphic cards ? Then bookmark this glossary. Illustrated.

EN>EN Document Imaging
url: http://www.laserfiche.com/basics/imagingguide/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: document imaging, batch processing, de-skewing, MO drive, annotations, scanning
cmt: This is a short but interesting glossary with technology terms

EN>EN, DE>DE Scanning
url: http://www.imageware.de/wf_content.php/252.html
http://www.imageware.de/wf_content.php/54.html  (German)
lang: EN>EN, DE>DE
kwd: blind colors, scanning, scanner, grayscale, brightness, data compression, hiscan, image processing

EN>EN Data compression
url: http://www.rasip.fer.hr/research/compress/glossary/Glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: data compression, charstream, encoding step, fax compression, mu-law

EN>EN On-Line Computing Dictionaries
url: http://www.nightflight.com/foldoc/
    lang: EN>EN
kwd:  on-line computing dictionaries, computers.
cmt:  Originally on LANTRA.

FR>FR Networks terminology
url: http://www.inpg.fr/CRI/GLOS/T.htm
lang: FR>FR
kwd: networking terminology, data communications, networks

FR>FR Networking terminology
url : http://www.guill.net/reseaux/Glossaire.html
lang: FR>FR
kwd: data communications, networking terminology, computer

url: http://www.zeta.org.au/%7Erosko/pigui1.htm#iii
lang: EN>EN
kwd: computer, web, usability, GUI, graphical user interface
cmt: Short list of acronyms and terms terms related to GUI (graphical user interface) design. The glossary in in section 3 of the FAQ,
so you'll need to scroll down a bit to see it.

lang: EN>EN
kwd: computer, Internet, intranet, telecommunication, programming
cmt: Big glossary. Good cross references.

url: http://www.uncg.edu/irc/mm/terms/terms.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: computer, multimedia, multi-media
cmt: Excellent glossary: big and includes graphics

EN>EN Messaging and network security
url: http://www.ssimail.com/Glossary.htm
lang: EN > EN
kwd: computer, IT, messaging, network, security
cmt: long list of terms

EN>EN Firewall glossary
url: http://www.interhack.net/pubs/fwfaq/#SECTION00080000000000000000
lang: EN>EN
kwd: computer, IT, security, firewall, network, data transfer
cmt: Glossary is located in Section B.

EN>EN Information security glossary
url: http://www.yourwindow.to/information-security/index.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Computer, IT, security
cmt: a good list with very good explanations

EN>EN Windows terminology and acronyms
url: http://www.eu.microsoft.com/hwdev/resources/glossary.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Windows, computers, Microsoft

DE>DE Speech Recognition Technology
url: http://w4.siemens.com/ic/products/cd/speech/glossare.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: acronyms, compression, speech recognition, technology
src: Siemens

MULTI Information Technology
url: http://home8.inet.tele.dk/p-spitz/Bookmarks/Bookmarks5.html
lang: MULTI
kwd: Net Telecom IT & Media EDP

url: http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/supporteditorial.html?prodkey=SCSI_glossary
lang: EN>EN
kwd: SCSI, termination, buses
src: Adaptec
cmt: Everything you always wanted to know about SCSI

IT>IT Open source software
url: http://www.apogeonline.com/openpress/glossario_op.html
lang: IT>IT

EN>EN Memory Management glossary
url: http://www.memorymanagement.org/glossary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: memory management (hardware, operating system, and application)
cmt: A glossary of more than 400 memory management terms. Each entry contains a brief definition. It may also contain:
* A list of exact synonyms and alternative spellings;
* A longer explanation;
* Similar terms (that is, rough synonyms);
* Opposites (that is, rough antonyms);
* Relevant entries in bibliography;
* A list of other glossed terms that may be useful to understand the term;
* Links to relevant external sites.

lang: DE/EN>DE
kwd: networks
cmt:some entries in the alphabetical list are in EN but the definition is given
in German and the German term is provided as well, e. g. buttjoint

lang: EN
kwd: internet service providers
cmt: up-to-date terms, definitions, and acronyms

lang: DE>DE kwd: cyber, internet, B2B
cmt: this glossary contains 1242 entries and links to other, bigger online

lang: EN>EN
kwd: computers, computing
cmt: The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing.
Editor Denis Howe

lang: DE

lang: DE

Computer (Dell PowerVolt)
lang: FR


lang: DE


Construction, Architecture, Gardening

EN>EN civil engineering management
url: http://www.constructionplace.com/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: civil engineering management, construction, building
cmt:Definitions of over 200 terms commonly used in the construction management process

EN, ES, FR Glossary of Urban Infrastructure Maintenance
url: http://www-wds.worldbank.org/servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/1999/11/04/000178830_98101911175464/Rendered/PDF/multi_page.pdf
lang: EN,ES,FR
kwd. urban infrastructure maintenance
src: World Bank

DE>DE Parquet flooring glossary
url: http://www.beseke.de/parkettlexikon/park_lex_home.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Parquet, flooring, techniques, maintenance and cleaning of parquet
flooring, types of wood

DE Construction Lexicon
(Test version, only A-D available)


DE Construction Chemistry
Fachbegriffe nach Produkt-, bzw. Themenbereichen: Holzschutzmittel und Umwelt Modifizierte mineralische Mörtelsysteme Betontrennmittel und Umwelt Toxikologie und Ökotoxikologie Terminological Definitions: Concrete Release Agents and the Environment

PT, EN, ES Architecture , construction and environmental
url: http://www.tecto.com.br/glossario/g_glossario.asp
lang: EN, PT, ES
kwd: architecture, construction, building, environmental
cmt: I did not get a chance to explore the glossaries as I would have liked. The link below takes you to the main area where you select which glossary you want to use (Arc/Cons or Env). The entries can be researched using the search box provided or by clicking on the first letter of the word.

EN>EN Wallpaper Dictionary
url: http://www.wallpaperinstaller.com/terms.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: wallpaper

MULTI Construction and lumber glossary (Mitek)
url: http://www.mitek.de/language/languad2.htm
lang: DE, EN, SCR, HU, CS
kwd: construction, building, lumber
src: MiTek Industries GmbH
cmt: Serbian and Croatian are given separately, but I could not find a code for Croatian in the GlossPost list. Glossary can be sorted by any language by clicking on the flag in the header row.

EN<>DE  Construction industry glossaries
lang:   EN<>DE
kwd:    civil engineering, architecture, construction, building

DE>EN Landscape architecture
url: http://www.inode.at/lap/laallgem/vokabular.html
lang: DE>EN
kwd: building, land, code, land use, development, preservation, landscape, law, act, urban, planning
cmt: An Austrian site, so take care with the names of laws, etc. that might be similar to German or Swiss ones if you are not working with Austria-specific material.

DE>DE Construction, illustrated
url: http://www.bau-markt.de/lexikon/
lang: DE>DE
kwd: construction, building, materials
src: Bau-Markt.de, Das Heimwerkerportal
cmt: illustrated (colour photographs as well as diagrams)

DE  Architecture and Art Lexicon
lang    DE
kwd     architechture building constructiuon civil engineering
cmt     Kleines Architektur- und Kunstlexikon

EN, FR, ES Building materials

EN>ES Architecture glossary
Construction Pathology: Construction Deterioration & Building Durability
Glossary: Terms Of Science, Engineering, Architecture, And Trade

EN>EN Roofing glossary
URL: http://illinoisroofing.com/RoofingGlossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: construction terminology roofing
cmt:  similar glossaries at

EN>EN Roofing
url: http://www.hnd.usace.army.mil/techinfo/ti/809-53/appa-e.pdf
lang: EN>EN
kwd: aggregate, asphalt, bitumen, building, flashing, gutter, mastic,roofing, shingle, roofing, construction
src: apparently the US Army
cmt: in PDF format.  If you haven't got a viewer, searching google.com with the words - +"conjugated diene" +glossary - will find it, and Google will provide a text version.  Looks like a very detailed and useful glossary, although I haven't really perused it.

EN>EN  Corrugated metals
KWD:    roof roofing architechture civil engineering materials structure corrugating corrugated metal roll forming industrial process
CMT:    Corrugated Metals: Roll Forming Glossary. "To help site visitors understand the roll forming, corrugating, and metal fabricating processes."

EN>EN Roofing Glossary
url:  http://www.gsmroofing.com/glossarya.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: accelerated weathering, bermuda seam, cant strip, damp proofing, embrittlement, roofing, tear-off and re-roof

EN>EN Roofing glossary
url:  http://www.waynesroofing.com/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: aging, back-surfacing, calender, cutout, dead loads, edge venting, factory seam, roof assembly, roofing
cmt: For easier browsing you can view our Photo Glossary, which has photographs of common roofing sites and problems, or you can browse the entire glossary by our alphabetical listing.

EN>EN Landscaping Glossary
url: http://www.suburban-lawn.com/plantcar/referenc/glossary.html
lang: EN>EN,
kwd: nursery, landscaping, lawn, care, terms
cmt: Nursery plant catalog and sprinkler irrigation systems links on home page.
url: http://www.landscapeusa.com/
lang: EN>EN,
kwd: Greenhouse, hobby greenhouse kit, GardenHouse, house, gardenHouse, seed starting, garden tools, pond supplies.
cmt: Links to trees and shrubs, decor and structures, watering, etc. Go to gardening library for links to a plant encyclopedia and lawn and garden ideas.
url: http://www.gardenweb.com/
lang: EN>EN,
kwd: garden, gardening, forums, contests, calendar, happenings, gardenweb, events, plants, flowers, gardening tips, garden contests, botanical glossary
cmt: Links to glossary, botanical terms, etc. on home page.
url: http://www.emilycompost.com/garden_glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN,
kwd: garden, gardening, botanical garden, plants, flowers.
cmt: Garden glossary, plant search, composting, tips.
Otherwise try "landscaping glossary" followed by a few terms of your choice to find other glossaries.

PT>PT Construction
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: architecture, building, construction, adobe, mansonry
cmt: Emphasis on building terms.

Baulexikon der Abkürzungen
(Frame from
http://www.fertighaus.de/ )

Baulexikon DE

Baulexikon DE

Stilkunde der Baukunst DE


DE>DE, DE>EN General Dermatology
url: http://www.hautzone.ch/welcome2.html
lang: DE, EN
kwd: General Dermatology, FAQ, Dermatological Glossary, Explantions regarding beauty, plastic surgery, nutrition, epilation, chemical peeling, skin problems
src: Dr. Kueng, MD, SkinZone

DE>DE, DE>EN Cosmetics Ingredients
url: http://www.logona.com/Aktuell/lexi_a-l.html
lang: DE>DE, terms DE>EN
kwd: International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients, Cosmetic Ingredients in Firm Products from Logona
cmt: German Explanation to international names

EN>EN Cosmetics glossary
url: http://www.bellaonline.com/beauty/beauty_and_fashion/cosmetics/subjects/sub963937728298.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: accutane, age spot, botox, liposomes, methylparaben, mica, tea tree oil, cosmetics, skin care, beauty

EN>EN Hair Removal
url: http://www.hairfacts.com/terms/termsa.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: hair removal, laser, lanugo, electrolysis, epilation, waxing

EN>DE Hair care glossary
url: http://www.vichy.com/nl/lexique/lexique.htm
lang: NL>NL, MULTI
kwd: skincare, Vichy, dermatology, skin care, beauty products, hair care.
cmt: Vichy's glossary. The homepage at the website offers mirrorsites (monolingual glossaries included in other languages, such as English, French, Polish, Hungarian and German.

FR<>DE Hair styling, hairdresser, hair coloring
url: http://www.dfjw.org/Glossaires/coiffure.pdf
lang: FR>DE, DE>FR
kwd: hair styling, hair coloring, hairdresser, coiffure, hair products
cmt: [ME] Very large, high-quality glossary in .pdf format. Great URL, Phillipe!!

alles über Aromen und Duftstoffe :
http://www.stylo.es/es/mundoperfume/diccio.htm (ES)

Kosmetiklexikon für den Beauty- und Wellnessurlaub DE


see Place Names


DE Jewelery
Schmucklexikon Online

MULTI  Pottery/Ceramics Glossary
Pottery Glossary
url http://www.dinoclay.com/info/dict/mdpwefdu.html
lang: EN, NL, FR
kwd: Ceramics, pottery, art, craft, technique

EN Ceramics Glossary

DE>DE Gold
url: http://www.beyars.com/lexikon/lexikon_a.html
lang: DE>DE
kwd: precious metals, jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds
cmt: extensive, some French terms

EN>EN Glazing Glossary
url:  http://www.glazesoft.com/Product_htm/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: dead load, extrusion, flashing, flush glazing, jamb, miter joint

Cultural Goods

ES>ES glossary on cultural goods
url: http://pirenaicasoft.com/patri/ayuda3.php3
lang: ES>ES
kwd: cultural artifacts, definitions on cultural goods, architectural and folk terms.
cmt: Short but interesting

Clothing, Fashion
Collecting, Coins, Stamps
Computers, IT
Construction, Architecture, Gardening
Cultural Goods