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DE Abbreviations

EN, PT_pt Dictionary of Medical Abbreviations
url: http://www.opapeldomedico.com/siglas.asp
lang: EN, PT_pt
kwd: initialisms, acronyms, abbreviations
src: O p@pel do médico
cmt: Dicionário médico de SIGLAS (iniciais), ACRÓNIMOS (extremidades de palavras) e ABREVIATURAS.
Examples: AAS, ácido acetilsalicílico - AC, auscultação cardíaca - ACC, American College of Cardiology - Ach, acetilcolina - ACM, Arnold-Chiari malformation - ACS, American Cancer Society - ACTH, adrenocorticotropic hormone - ADH, Antidiuretic hormone (ver HAD) - ADMS, Assistant Director of Medical Services - ADN, Associação de Dietéticos Nacionais - ADN, ácido desoxirribonucleico (ver DNA) -ADRS, Adjunto do Delegado Regional de Saúde

Technical Abbreviations
lang: EN >DE
cmt: Technical information about OBD-2

EN>EN VSAT acronyms
url: http://www.comsys.co.uk/acronyms.htm
lang: EN > EN
kwd: VSAT, very small aperture terminals, satellite communicationssrc: Communications Systems Ltd. (VSAT consultants), St. Albans, UKcmt: Approximately 450 acronyms used in VSAT-related texts, particularly VSAT business and consultancy reports (e.g. "JDS-HR = Japan Digital Services - Half Rate", "WC = watts per channel").

EN>EN Acronyms, initials and common names of federal PACs
url:  http://www.fec.gov/pages/pacronym.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: 1220 Associates, AAB PAC, BAC PAC, CAC PAC, FASPAC, political action commiteee
src: US Public Records Office
cmt: This alphabetical list of acronyms, abbreviations, initials, and common names of federal political action committees (PACs) was prepared to help researchers readily identify committees when their full names are not disclosed on campaign finance reports.

EN>EN Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
url: http://www.geocities.com/ikind_babel/babel/babel.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: computer, computing, information technology, PC
src: BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms by Irving & Richard Kind

EN, FR, DE, ES, IT R&D Acronyms
url: http://www.cordis.lu/en/src/d_002_en.htm
lang: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT
kwd: EU, acronyms, R&D, research and technological development, research and development, abbreviations
cmt: The RTD-Acromyms database serves as a compact dictionary for R&D related acronyms and abbreviations. These acronyms represent programmes, projects, organizations, databases, installations and other R&D related items. As acronyms are defined abbreviations which can be pronounced as whole words such as "CORDIS", abbreviations that do not form a word such as "RTD" as well as codes which constituents do not derive from words (e.g.SESAME). Generally speaking the database entries are retrieved from English language sources but the acronym itself does not necessarily need to be of English origin. Some acronyms are given in the different language abbreviations. The content of this database is constantly growing as CORDIS is identifying new acronyms from EU documents, publications, and other sources relating to EU R&D activities. Mainly the acronyms are EU related but there may also be acronyms included which are not strictly adherent to the EU research area but CORDIS does not intend to offer a full coverage of all non-EU R&D related acronyms. The information contained in the RTD-Acronyms database may be retrieved using powerful search features.Searches may be made for user-defined search terms, Category or Programme Acronym.

DE>EN Chemistry acronyms
url: http://www.chemie.fu-berlin.de/cgi-bin/acronym
lang: German, English
kwd: Acronyms in both languages, including chemical acronyms

EN acronyms related to assessment tools in medical research studies 

EN >EN  Computer Acronyms, Emoticons & Domain Extensions
URL: http://blacksun.box.sk/acro.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: acronyms, emoticons, domain extensions, computer, IT, government, hacker, hacking, technology, domain
cmt: This site is maintained by hackers and contains an obscenity. However, I think the list of acronyms is very impressive. It contains literally hundreds of acronyms. A long list relates to government agency acronyms.

EN>EN Medical Acronym Server
url: http://medstract.org/acro1.0/main3.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Medicine, medical acronyms, abbreviations
cmt: AcroMed is a computer generated database of [120,000] biomedical acronyms and the associated long forms extracted from the last year of Medline abstracts (2001). AcroMed is a part of the Medstract project whose goal isto apply natural language processing technologies to extraction of knowledge from biomedical texts. The AcroMed database is searchable by either the acronym or the associated long form. Each acronym is linked to the abstracts in which it was discovered, and the long forms can be submitted directly to PubMed as searches by a single click. AcroMed also attempts to classify each long form by its semantic type.

EN>EN Pharmaceutical acronyms
url:  http://www.pharmaportal.com/glossary/acro.cfm?acro=A
lang: EN>EN
kwd: acronyms, abbreviations, pharmaceutical
cmt: list of abbreviations related to pharmaceutic industry and bodies, including some in non-English speaking countries

EN>EN Pharmaceutical and medical acronyms
url: http://regsource.com/Reference_Page/Acronyms/acronyms.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: medical acronyms, pharmaceutical, clinical trials, 510 (k), ACE, CSI, Abifarma, TK
cmt: List includes acronyms commonly used in clinical trials and US and international medical and pharmaceutical associations and departments. Very useful, all in one page.

EN>EN_uk Medical Acronyms
KWD: Medical acronyms typically used in an UK hospital

EN>EN Medical  and Social Security Acronyms
url: http://www.weasel.cwc.net/GlossaryE.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: medical, social security, acronyms

Abbreviations etc.

url: http://www.ucc.ie/info/net/acronyms/acro.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Searchable acronym search machine
url: http://www.suchfibel.de/_webtools/katalog/jump.cgi?ID=1157
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Searchable acronym search machine
cmt: Links to other websites containing acronyms as well. There is also a list
of emoticons ;-)
url: http://www.opaui.com/acro.html
lang: MULTI
kwd: Acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms

MULTI European Union Abbreviations and Acronyms
lang: ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT FI, SV
kwd: acronyms, abbreviation, european union

MULTI>MULTI Common Foreign Business Abbreviations
URL: http://www.lib.uwo.ca/business/cfba.html
KWD: business, abbreviation, company, corporation
CMT: Abbreviations for types of companies around the world with full terms and countries

DE>DE Legal abbreviations
url: http://www.jura.uni-tuebingen.de/~js/jurisab.htm#a
lang: DE>DE
kwd: legal, law, abbreviations

EN + DE Abkürzungen: Organisationen + Wirtschaft Technik und IT


see Marketing


url: http://www.sar.admin.ch/en/index.htm
Lang: DE, EN, FR, IT
kwd: Agricultural economics and engineering, viviculture and horticulture
src: Swiss Agricultural Research
cmt: Search for links regarding projects and list of terms in 4 languages

DE>DE Glossary of agricultural terms
url: http://www.gruener-pfad.de/home.html
url: http://www.gruener-pfad.de/lexikon/index.html
lang: DE>DE
kwd: agriculture, farming
src: Gruener Pfad

Agriculture Lexicon

DE<>EN Agriculture, agricultural economics & precision farming
url: http://ikb.weihenstephan.de/en/glossary/index.html#German
lang: EN, DE
kwd: agriculture, soils, farming, agricultural economics, precision farming
cmt: quite comprehensive, searchable glossary.

MULTI Grains

MULTI Agricultural Thesaurus
lang: EN-FR-ES-PT
FAO's Agrovoc thesaurus De-En-Es-Fr
(same as Agrovoc on the FAO site, but includes German)

MULTI: FAOTERM Database: Food and Agriculture
url: http://faoterm.fao.org:8080/
http://www.fao.org/faoterm/default.htm (Home)
lang: EN, FR, ES, ZH, AR, LA
kwd: food, agriculture
src: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

MULTI Agricultural terms
url: http://www.sar.admin.ch/en/index.htm
Lang: DE, EN, FR, IT
kwd: Agricultural economics and engineering, viviculture and horticulture
src: Swiss Agricultural Research
cmt: Search for links regarding projects and list of terms in 4 languages

DE>DE Biological Agriculture
url: http://www.lebensmittellexikon.de/b0000430.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: Bio-Anbau, biologische Landwirtschaft, Landbau, kbA

EN>EN  Agriculture
lang: EN>EN
kwd: agriculture, trade, GATT

Air Conditioning

see Heating


see also Medicine

EN>EN Glossary of the brain
url: http://www.luinst.org/brainexplorer/glossary/index.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: brain, head, celebral, neurology, neuroanatomy
src: Brain Explorer
cmt: illustrated

EN>EN Brain Glossary of Terms
url: http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/kinser/Glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: axon, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, nevrous system, neuron, neurology, neuroanatomy
cmt: brain parts and its functions

DE<>EN Anatomy
lang: DE, EN
kwd: macroscopic anatomy
lang: DE, EN
kwd: microscopic anatomy
cmt: caveat lector - I'm not a medical translator so can't judge the quality


EN>EN Ants database
url: http://research.amnh.org/entomology/social_insects/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: ants, biology, database, entomology, social insects
cmt: "11006 ant species known world wide! Continuously updated, and the most accurate count ever (February 28, 2002). The first 500 full text ant systematics publications online! The begin of a new area in ant research (February 28, 2002) Congo ants online! (March 3, 2002)". Links to other insect databases on the page

EN>EN CDC Hanta Virus Glossary of Terms
url: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/hanta/hps/noframes/glossary.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: hanta virus, rodents, aerosolization
src: Center for Disease Control

PT>PT Dog terms
url: http://akita.vila.bol.com.br/dicin.html
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: dog terms, exhibitions, trimming, grand champion, handler, dog anatomy

MULTI Sounds of the world's animals
url: http://www.georgetown.edu/cball/animals/animals.html
lang: AF, SQ, AR, BN, CA, ZH, HR, DA, NL, EN, EO, ET, FI, FR, DE, EL, HE, HI, HU, IS, ID, IT, JA, KO, MK, NO, PL, PT, RU, SL, SP, SW, TH, TR, UK, VI
kwd: animal
cmt: Animals make much the same sounds around the world, but each language expresses them differently. English and French cows sound the same, but not in English and French! Explore the sounds of the world's languages through the sounds of the world's animals. Search by animal or by language.

ES>ES Veterinary glossary
url:    http://mascotia.com/diczoonario.php
lang: ES>ES
kwd:  incubation, veterinary science, veterinarian

LA, EN, ES Fish names
url: http://fisheries.tripod.cl/fisheries/id9.html
lang: LA, ES, EN
kwd: fishes, fisheries, fishing
cmt: Comprehensive listing of 965 species with names in Latin, Spanish and English.

MULTI Fishbase mirror sites
url: http://ichtyonb1.mnhn.fr/
lang: Multi
kwd: fish
cmt: Mirror sites for when http://www.fishbase.org is out of action

EN, ES, FR, IT Apiculture
url: http://www.ctv.es/USERS/beepress/diccio.htm
lang: EN, ES, FR, IT
kwd: apiculture, bee keeping
cmt: Dictionary goes from English into the other languages.

EN>EN Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries
url: http://www.allaboutspace.com/science/dictionary/
lang: EN>EN
kwd: science, astronomy, botany, butterfly, dinosaurs, landforms, rainforest, shark, volcano, whale, astronomers, paleontologists
src: Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries

EN>EN Alphabetical list of dog breeds
url: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/abc.htm#B
lang: EN>EN
kwd: dog breeds, alsatian, airdale terrier, lhasa apso, hounds

EN>EN Behavioural Sociology
url: http://www.zoo.ufl.edu/be/pages/Glossary.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: zoos, animal behaviour, behavior, evolution, behavioral ecology

EN>EN Pearls Glossary of Terms
url:  http://www.americanpearl.com/americanpearl/glosofter.html
lang: En>En
kwd: abalone pearl, biwa pearl, conch pearl, cultered pearl, cultivated pearl, nucleation, rope, pearls

EN>EN Glossary Aquarium terms
url: http://www.whatafish.com/care/glossary.asp
lang: EN>EN
kwd: fish tank, aquarium, actinic lights, africans, alkalinity, ballast, bubble filter, canister filters, dosing pump, foam fractionation, metal halide

EN>EN Animals and children's site
url: http://www.enchantedlearning.com
lang: EN>EN
kwd: pictorial dictionary, dictionary for kids, children, animals, bilingual
cmt: Many kids pages: zoo info, colouring book, dictionary and a lot of curiosity.Not only for child but also for animals info.




see Construction


IT>IT Arts
url: http://www.tribenet.it/Tribe_glossario/glossario.htm
lang: IT>IT
kwd: acquerello, bozzetto, capriata, arts in general

PT>PT Visual Arts Encyclopedia
lang: PT>PT_br
kwd: visual arts, fine arts, encyclopedia

EN>EN, ES>ES Art glossary
url: http://www.latinart.com/glossary.cfm
lang: EN>EN, ES>ES
kwd: art, fine arts, visual arts

EN Art lexicon
url: http://www.artlex.com/
lang: EN
kwd: art history, aesthetics, criticism, art education, antiquity, classical, middle ages, renaissance, baroque, realism, impressionism, cubism, dada, surrealism, modernism, postmodernism, popular, pop art, american, multicultural, painting, sculpture, print, ceramic, pottery, furniture, glass, metal, bronze, jewelry, photography, medium, media, computer, graphic, digital, image, international, africa, asia, oceanic, european, avant-garde, decoration,
cmt: "for artists, collectors, students and educators in art production, criticism, history, aesthetics, and education...Welcome to ArtLex. You will find definitions for more than 3,100 terms used in visual culture, along with thousands of images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references. To the left, below the INDEX is a list of SHORTCUTS to some of the longer articles."

EN>EN  Art
url:  http://www.kfki.hu/~arthp/bio/m/moretto/biograph.html     then click "Glossary"
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Italian art, general art, arcade, apse, entablature etc, etc.
cmt: Very good glossary and definitely a great help art related translations.

IT<>IT, IT<>EN, FR, DE, ES Arts
url: http://www.argosproject.org
lang: IT<>IT, IT<>EN, IT<>FR, IT<>DE, IT<>ES
kwd: art, painting,  pigments,  wood,  tools
src: Argos - Art and Restoration Glossary
cmt: Bilingual glossaries include definitions (posted on Langit)

MULTI Glossary for Art Librarians
url: http://ifla.inist.fr/VII/s30/pub/mg1.pdf
lang: EN, NL, FR, DE, IT, ES, SV
kwd: art terms, librarianship
cmt: (English with Indexes in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
A comprehensive glossary, it includes terms used in journalism, archivology, by librarians. Published by the IFLA Section of Art Libraries, a truly international association representing art librarianship worldwide. 585 entries.

Astronomy, Astrophysics

EN>EN Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries
url: http://www.allaboutspace.com/science/dictionary/
lang: EN>EN>br> kwd: science, astronomy, botany, butterfly, dinosaurs, landforms,rainforest, shark, volcano, whale, astronomers, paleontologists
src: Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries

DE EN ES FR IT Astronomy Thesaurus
url: http://msowww.anu.edu.au/library/thesaurus/
lang: DE EN ES FR IT
kwd: Astronomy, Astrophysics
cmt: Looks comprehensive!

DE>DE Astronomy
url: http://www.jhk1.de/astro/glossar_e.htm
lang: DE>DE
kwd: astronomy, astronomical

DE, EN Important astronomers
url: http://www.jhk1.de/astro/astronom_e.htm
lang: EN, DE
kwd: astronomy, astronomers
cmt: Important Astromers like Einstein, Galilei, Hubble

ES>ES Solar system
url: http://www.etsimo.uniovi.es/solar/span/terms.htm 
lang: ES>ES
kwd: solar system, planets, astronomy


lang: DE

ES>ES Automotive glossary
url: http://www.autocity.com/glosario/
lang: ES>ES
kwd: automotive, engine, car, vehicle


EN>EN Glossary of Terms for Truck Bodies
url: http://www.bossmotorbodies.co.nz/pages/glossary/glossary_abcde.htm
lang: EN>EN
kwd: truck, automotive

EN>EN Air Bags Glossary
url: http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/rulings/AAirBagSNPRM/AppB.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: air bags, injury prevention

EN>EN Corvette Terminology
url: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/glossary.php
lang: EN>EN
kwd: auto, corvette

EN>EN Glossary of Automotive Terminology
url:  http://www.womanmotorist.com/glossary/glossary.shtml
lang: EN>EN
kwd: axle articulation, brake fade, brake piston, chain drive, crumple zone, automotive

MULTI BMW technical terms
url: http://home-1.worldonline.nl/~barendsn/techword.htm
lang: EN, NL, DE
kwd: car parts, cars, automotive, automobile, mechanical
src: BMW
cmt: 1-page list of simple technical terms

EN>EN automotive terms glossary
url: http://www.autozone.com/Library/library.html
lang: EN>EN
kwd: Automotive terms, car parts and components, automotive abbreviations, repair, racing
cmt: A glossary of more than 6,500 automotive terms and a separate product Information section which tells how a car part works.

url: http://www.ursa-texaco.com/Spanish/glossary.html
lang: EN>ES
kwd: gas, fuel, motor, measure units, etc.
cmt: Also English, French, Italian and Portuguese glossaries from main page

ES > ES automotive
URL: http://www.geocities.com/kman_cl/glosario.html
lang: ES
kwd: automotive, car, car engine, tecnical
cmt: Glosario de términos automotrices

DE, EN Automotive glosary (Audi Lexicon)
url: http://www.audi.com/jsp/crossfeatures/lexicon/lexicon.jsp?domainId=1&languageId=1
lang: DE
url: http://www.audi.com/jsp/crossfeatures/lexicon/lexicon.jsp?domainId=1&languageId=4
lang: EN
kwd: automotive, car, tecnical
src: Audi
cmt: "Welcome to the Audi Lexicon page. These detailed but concise definitions of important technical terms are intended to shed light on the pioneering technology behind Audi´s proverbial "Vorsprung durch Technik". Click on a letter in the alphabet or choose a word directly from the index. There are also many links within the explanations. Please use the contact form if you have any questions."

EN > EN automotive terms
url: http://www.autowarrantybroker.com/glossary/
kwd: car, automotive, tecnical
src: Auto Warranty Broker
cmt: Has a short and a detailed version. Pages are likely to hang (at least on my computer).

ES > ES car audio
URL: http://www.audio-car.com/Productos/Pioneer/glosario.htm
lang: ES
kwd: amplifier, CD, speaker, cassette, sound, car audio
scr: Pioneer
cmt: With some pictures

Abbreviations, Acronyms
Air Conditioning
Astronomy, Astrophysics